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Юлия умница) через день забегает ко мне на сеанс, хорошая собеседница и ножки с каждым посещением, становятся все лучше и лучше. 😊 #maxrelax #massage #novosibirsk #nsk #relax #madmax #maxon #массаж #отдых #расслабление #массажист #массажлица #лимфодренажныймассаж #спорт #зож #уходзакожей #вечномолодые #нежнаякожа
Harry Potter – Book of Spells “Douglas” . This was the first chapter we animated for Book of Spells, an augmented reality game for PS3, back in 2012. It was one of the first big projects I took on as a creative director at @BlindLA . The challenge was trying to figure out the aesthetic, technical animation approach, and how it would come together in the context of the game. AR was still relatively new during the time, so it took me a little while to understand how that all worked. . The other challenge for me was trying to figure out how to run and manage such a big team. With so many moving parts and pieces, this project really put me to the test and helped me develop my skills as a creative director. It taught me how to have a point of view, and how to communicate my ideas with the team and client. It taught to be more decisive, how to budget people’s time and how to focus each team member's’ skillsets. Even though this project put me through the grinder, it was incredibly rewarding since I learned so much from it. . After 6 weeks of cranking on it with my team, we made this, the first of 6 conundrums for the game. It was the first new set of stories added to the Harry Potter universe since the movies wrapped. .
Cinema 4D physical render test, #cinema4d #physicalrender #maxon #renderoftheday #cinema4d
Day 611: RUPTURE