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MCU MID-TIER TOURNAMENT⚰️ Round #1: Iron Fist V.S The Winter Soldier. RULES: 1.) No outside help. 2.) No weapons. 3.) Killer Intent. 4.) Setting: Football Field. VOTE ON MY STORY TO DETERMINE THE VICTOR. Also, comment your reasoning.
This is my @hottoyscollectibles Ghost Rider pose for now! Hard to get the photos I want in a glass cabinet, but I took a closeup of his head...It lights up too! 🤘💀🔥
•Swipe left for the trailer• The newest Black Panther poster and trailer! I’m digging the updated suit; the upper lip definitely helps distinguish that jungle cat look, but I hope the suit still is adorned with the different patterns, or at least subtle design cues from Civil War. Can’t wait to see Wakanda and all its beauty!
Marvel entertainment we need that infinity war trailer out NOW!!! #Thanos #AvengersInfinityWar #May4th2018 #MarvelFan