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I know what is like to love someone and then to lose them. But when you are old like me, you will learn that all things come to an end. So you have a choice: you can go on and be lonely and miss what you had, or you can move one for something new and wonderful #memories #march2017 #denver #colorado #usa #partofme #thebestime
GENDER REVEAL// Carter is having a baby sister! #babysister #genderreveal #march2017
#FBF to #March2017 where I attempted the #RockAndRollDcMarathon with an epic failure. I could not complete this race as it was EXTREMELY COLD- (less than 20 degree oF- that’s sub 1 oC). though I thought having wearing 2 shirts ( a base layer & a cold gear top)and a windbreaker, 1 thermal legging plus a cold gear running tights and gloves would have provided some level of warmth-NO. Upon traveling 15 mins to the start venue and waiting in the cold to start for what felt like forever (approx 2hrs) my body started to shutdown before the race even started. I could not feel my fingers and upon starting the run I realized I couldn’t feel my toes either. I new from the get go that this was going to be a rough one- I however proceeded in hopes that I would start to feel my feet after my body warmup. 8miles in and still feeling extremely cold and still cold tingling non-sensational Feet I knew I had a decision to make to either terminate at 1/2 marathon or risk hypothermia. The decision wasn’t easy but after much deliberation I had to do what I knew was best for my overall health. I called it and terminated my run with much disappointment in 2:18mins. While I waited for Jahannah to finish her 1st marathon I found little areas around the venue to sit where some level of sun rays was visible. After about 90mins waiting she crossed the finish line. As we proceed to exit the venue via the train my body was in some serious pain. My joints ached, my hip, my knees as if I had completed the marathon at a fast pace- I was a bit confused as to why I was in so much pain and discomfort to walk and or sit, I could barely operate my cellphone-everything kept falling out of my hands 🤦🏾‍♀️. I was a horrible experience and one I will always remember. I don’t like to leave tasks undone so I know for sure I will tackle that race again, but it’s definitely not my list for now... but we’ll see #RunChronicles
Avalokitesvara temple in Banten,West Java *remember that day we went to Labuan,Banten there's a private villa n then we went to Tanjung Lesung beach club #tbt #march2017 #alwaysvacation #traveled
New York 🇺🇸🗽 #newyork #march2017 #traveltheworld
How cute is this!? • Kārtoju dokumentus un atradu Gustava foto, kas tika uzņemts pases bildei. Pārāk mīlīgi, lai paturētu šo bildi tikai sev, ne?! #cutie #timeflies #theygrowuptofast #passportphoto #throwback #march2017
bullet journal date with @xanitaalvaradox #barnesandnoble #march2017