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Know that it already exist. Cast your (spells). Affirm it in your mind & heart. Expect it. #manifestation #lawofattraction
P2. #Beinyourskin 😍 LINK IN BIO FOR MORE 1970s Glam !
Back under 250. Still not following a specific plan. Making sure I “journal” through the #selftalk around #weightloss. It’s all about #manifesting weight loss. 🙋🏾‍♀️🙂
Repost from @lawofattractionworld In the words of movie @frozenfromthestart Let it Gooooo Let it Gooooooo. Vibes are an indication that energy is off or something isnt right. Dont play detective clouseau trying to figure it out. Let it gooooo as easy as that bad vibe greeted you. Shut down the conversation, change the tune, suddenly have to go. Sounds harsh, but the energy you entertain and allow around you affects you. Just watch what vibes people give off and be sure to protect your energy so that it doesnt bounce over to you.
The newest podcast is up and it’s all about my favorite way of consuming 🍇... in wine form!!! @samanthasommelier is a pioneer in this new and growing industry here in Az. Take a listen and let’s get brave in our futures and in trying some new vino 🙌🏽🙏🏽
Life's short! Take chances every chance you get. When you lay on you death bed, what would you have wished you tried or went for? DO THAT. . . . I love supporting women with ideas. DM me to chat about what's cooking in your life. I have space for a couple complimentary Clarity calls tomorrow & Wednesday ❣️
One month apart on ketones! . . NEEDLESS to say, I believe in this AMAZING technology. . . Going to the post office later this week to send out MORE ketones. One month and about 1000 servings out! (BEST business decision!!). Hop into my inbox if you don’t want to miss out on a sampler pack!! OR drop an emoji or gif below!! 💃🏼🦄🔥
Last week was Intuition Week and I started a 40 day traditional 20min meditation Challenge..I only made it 4 days😔Creating new habits is hard the no time struggle is so real..it’s why I created a daily email to seamlessly incorporate self-help principles and new-age philosophies into our busy AF lives because carving out 20 min is a struggle but here we go Round 2 #meditationeverydamnday also if you start with me today you’ll have a new meditation habit by the end of 2017👊🏻🎉 DM me if you want my chic AF pink habit tracker also if you agree with me on the time struggle click the #linkinbio to get a free week of 9-5 Socialite, your digital life coach delivered straight to your email everyday📲📬
Last year y'all laughed at me when I spoke that my natural hair would be as long as the weave I wore, lol. On the left is the weave, on the right is my natural hair from this weekend! #lifespeaker #manifestation #naturalhaironfleek
Send your intentions and desires to the universe and it will, without fail, manifest it for you. 🔮 • • #lawofattraction