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And here I am again. Thirsty. - Somewhere in the cycle of karma someone is being a thief and I am the one without any bread. Or maybe the math Is not that simple. More apples and oranges unless economic planning. - Still, I am drawn back to the water. The song of my own sirens calls me from the shore. Dark mystery sounds Pulling me to the depths, Where death awaits, Or maybe, liberation. - I recognize the sea of myself, another body of water with its own secrets to hide. And I have to consider the similarities, for fear that if I submerge myself too long, all my molecules will dissipate and spread out into the palm of the ocean. - I will get lost, or maybe, return home. #poem #yogapoem #yoga #💧 #🌊 #lopezisland #islanddreaming #manifest
That ‘fire in the belly’ kinda’ vibe that makes people’s eyes light up with passion when they talk about what they love most in life... Now, that’s what I call magic✨ #mondaymotivation #everyday #vibes #mantra #credo #magic #passion #fire #motivation #realtalk #truth #manifest #greatness #energy #donteverapologiseforbeingyou #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #lifequotes #quoteoftheday #qotd #quote
When I came across this, it spoke so loudly. I find myself often literally sitting and staring into space in thought, filled with anxiety, thinking about what I could or should be doing to make my goals become reality.. I think myself into doubt about how probably won't work , and I end up in this sad defeated state.. and nothing even happened. I feel people who suffer from anxiety go through this quite a bit.. our imaginations are so active and strong. But let this be an example that if you can defeat yourself in your mind alone, you can also empower yourself. You choose. Don't go mad inbetween.
Repost @a_lallie_new ・・・ If you eat meat but you love, share and feel joy and relief at these slaughterhouse escape stories, you do realise that you're literally the villain of the stories right? _ These animals are running from you. From your fork and knife. From your desire to feast on their flesh and forget about it five minutes later for a meal you don't even need to survive. _ I don't mean to sound harsh. I'm just being brutally honest as I really want the message to resonate. I want you to own up to the cruelty you fund and support and then stop funding and supporting it so that we can all live in a kinder world. I want this day to be the first day of the rest of your life. _ As I always say, this is NOT your fault so I don't want you to feel bad or guilty. We have ALL been born into a cruel, disconnected, conditioned world that has normalised atrocities and hidden them out of sight out of mind in the bloody slaughterhouses. _ You are a GOOD person but you are also personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the cruel society you grew up 💚🌱 . _ Caption @a_lallie_new Meme © @veganstreet
Walking down the street and reminding myself that no effort is needed to fulfill my purpose, there it was. The chair I once dreamed of. Since committing to my calling, all is being layed out. No effort is needed when you follow your heart. All that is required is intension and fine tuning your vibration. Like a radio tuning into its frequency, you work from within. And as magic is done, or quantum if you like. There it is! I feel blessed that I've learned to trust myself, to trust life and all it's wonderful mystery. Performance under construction. Watch this space... Blessings to y'all. I believe in you! Let's make magic🐝 Gabriella Mazure, The Mover✨ #abundance #manifest #purpose #commitment #performanceartist #iam #witch #quantumlove #virginwhore #iloveyou #freedom #shadowwork #lightworker #nonduality #unconditionallove #artist #dancer #movementartist #writer #inspiration
✨Drawing is like a drug to me at the moment - I get high off making stuff... . . ✨And inches away now from my decision to relocate my little tribe. In fact, the decision is made, it's just waiting for a few details to emerge as beautifully and as surely as will... I have approached this whole process as positively as possible, focusing on what I want to experience next, sort of like a game. In the past big decisions always seem to have been made from the Cliff Edge. In a state of torment and agonised indecision. I don't like cliff edges. Especially with two kids in tow... . ✨Much better to allow things to unfold, trusting that they will, even when faced with apparent dead-ends. Trusting not just that it will all work out somehow, but that I am ALLOWED to want what I want, desire what I desire! Love whom I love. . ✨Sometimes I imagine I am 90 years old, all crumbly and deliciously wrinkled like a puckered up plum - and I imagine "what would 90 year old me wish I had done?" . . . ✨I can only guess... 😅😳 . . . . #relocation #letsgo #moving #newhouse #newhorizon #change #followyourheart #terrifying #wonderful #atthesametime #itsallenergy #chooselife #thepowerofnow #focus #intentionalliving #loa #manifest #dream #family #home #motherhood #parenthood #adventure #trust #wtf #whynotjusttry
Positive thoughts will give you a Positive life. 🌺 Tag someone below 👇 who you love. 💕 #livehappy #mindfulness