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. PROCRASTINA-CHAN ---------- Finals are coming up for me in less than 2 weeks and honestly, this photo depicts how I feel.. Hope everyone doesn't feel the same way I do and I wish you the best of luck if you still have finals to do!! Fighting! 💪 ---------- CN: @narrzi Character: Procrastina-chan | UCR Geek On Mascot Design: @starry_storm
Gold amongst the bamboo.
How to look serious in between bamboo leaves tutorial.
Glamour Girl • In Frame: @bearoddamiani
Sit down, be humble ?
"We have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in."
#mangostreetportraits - Simple HBD wif Mango - Lychee as Closing 😜
Paint me a picture with your true colors. 🌺 In frame: @mariorstavik
ok as most of you know, i love flowers. i also really love shooting people in flowers, especially men. the contrast of soft, delicate flowers surrounding masculine energy is so beautiful to me & i want to turn this into a photo series. i'm not gonna get all fake deep with it but honestly too many people see flowers as feminine & girly and I want to change that. you can still be manly as fuck with flowers in your hair 🌺🌿 if you want to be involved, hit me up. id love for you to be a part of it 🥀 #cathsflowerproject
Wishing a very happy birthday to my best friend. 🎈🎂🎉🎈🍻
Wrapping up this senior session. That's the 5th one I've edited this week! 🙌🏻 #humpday #seniorseason
It's almost summer.... ☀️DM to shoot. 📸 in frame: @mariorstavik
nothing but summer vibes with @victoriadrianna for @darlamagazine ✨☀️
Clothes: @hm // Model: @sydneyboggess // Photography and styling: @ciannacaptures
Secret love song
Don't say it, If you don't mean it ?
S I T G E S • In Frame: @bearoddamiani
This guy can light up room, let alone make anyone laugh or smile. I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime to adventure with. All I know is I get to marry him!! 👫💍
looking forward to this weekend like 🙏🏼
REAPER ---------- “Let’s just get the job done.” Happy #OverwatchAnniversary to @playoverwatch!! <3 ---------- CN: @blackwatchcosplay Character: Reaper - Blackwatch Reyes Series: Overwatch
10/10 would recommend having great friends who inspire you
Springtime when the air is thin
choose happiness 🌿
Beach hair, don't care. ✌🏻🌊
Looking out onto the upcoming summer // Makeup by @goodiemaykup
B I S A • In Frame: @bisa89
Nix hier, #bollywood! #Frankfurt, Brudi! 🙌 What the Delhi, yo? 👳🏾 🇮🇳 🌸 #crewlife #india #newdelhi #delhi #dillihaat #mangostreetportraits
C O N N E C T B C N • In Frame: @bearoddamiani #MeetConnectBCN #FunStraps
🔥 another one from Friday night's studio shoot model: @alex_tj328 concept/stylist: @nappysartorial
Good vibes only
Sunset enchantment 🌅
Walking into the week like.. 📸 @fashion.rouse
Monday blues: Get me back on that road. 🛣
Y es que ya dicen que el perro es el mejor amigo del hombre... Sesiones así dan gusto ♥🌾 Pide la tuya por d.m o correo en la descripción 📥
C O N N E N C T B C N • In Frame: @michaelbcn_ Una tarde bastante única compartiendo una misma pasión junto a grandes personas • _____________________________________________ A mind-blowing experience sharing a passion among unique people • #MeetConnectBCN #FunStraps
When the weather is just like this ☉🍃 rocking my @alexandermcqueen shades from @optiblu_romania
But without the dark we would never see the stars