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This is a news segment I could get behind 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
{Sunday thoughts} I believe there is a place inside of each of us that longs for more than what we live on the day to day. It's like a guiding light that directs our way that can lead to something great. 🌱 This place does not come without its fears of what could be and what could happen. It can be too realistic to the cons sometimes but it can also put us at a place that when adventure is instigated that we readily take it on. 🌿 This place is the place where I want to live from. I never want to settle for what is easy or good just because what is best could be harder to get. I will accept the challenge. 🍃 The biggest truth in all of this is to learn to rest in each moment and trust there is a greater plan for me than I know and I want to be apart of it. 🌱 Shoutout to this adventurer as he is off on a grand adventure right now! 📷
Sometimes you find things in life that shine brighter than the sun ☀
THE S E C R E T IS OUT! PROJECT PINK is dropping now!! For those who don't know my mom was diagnosed last October with breast cancer. Now at the end of her treatments, we've collaborated creatively to share her story. Link in bio to the blog! 💕
Another engagement session out here at Cave Hill Vineyard...if you've still not been out there, it's a problem that's pretty easy to fix. 😎
I like that my beard almost connects when I smile. That's about as close as it'll get lol ☹️
It's not about win or lose 🏁
Sunday views @katrinakbowden
Soul Season #takeoversunset