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Mid-project update: It might not look like much but this yard is getting a major upgrade. Lotsa dirt, new window wells, and more! Some sidewalk has been out and relaid already, about 6" higher than they were a couple days ago. Can't wait for it to be done, grow some grass and build a damn porch so we don't have the "house without a porch" anymore. #yardrenovation #moredirt #workinprogress #nomoreflooding #makemyhousegreatagain
When you buy a house and can do the fuck ever you want ­čśÄ A new and more fancy staircase Ôťö´ŞĆ #makemyhousegreatagain
3 rooms and two hallways painted my favorite Sherwin Williams color: Repose Grey After a week of cleaning , my house is starting to feel like my own again. I bought this place 4 years ago intending to paint every wall... better late than never! #makemyhousegreatagain
Insolation for days ­čĺŞ #makemyhousegreatagain
Not much of a dramatic difference on the outside - though tons has been happening inside; plumbing, electric, hvac... I'll spare you the boringness of all that. The porch is coming along nicely and we've got our picture window in front. We're 65 days in. It's happening fast...but also slow. It's time to make lots of decisions which is fun, but also difficult. Sometimes it's hard to breathe when I think about the magnitude of it all, juxtaposed with (in the grand scheme of things) the smallness, the insignificance of it all. Do you know how many different styles and colors of title there are? Do you know how much it matters which ones I choose? **Spoiler alert: There are infinite choices. And it doesn't matter.** #firstworldproblems #dontoverthinkit #heartpalpitations #panicattack #justbreathe #cantwaittogohome #riopelconstruction2017 #existentialangst #noimnotdrunk #makemyhousegreatagain
When Pinterest is life...
My dad helping build me a wall. #makemyhousegreatagain