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Recently been stacking content, here's a still shot from today's video shoot with @keenish & @beforecody #mindfulmatterz #makemusiclivezen #tribechillin #4k #lasvegas #hiphop
The Junxion: A place where creatives come together. #JunxionComplex #JunxionSøund #FunxionAtTheJunxion #MakeMusicLiveZen
#COLLECTIONbyMMLZ drops next month...later this week I'm hitting the Bay Area to perform with @tribechillin, let's link up if you're in the San Francisco / San Jose area. NO STOP IN SIGHT. #MakeMusicLiveZen
Come out to the Beat Auxion tonight at Junxion Complex, I'm auctioning off 5 different exclusive beats starting at $50. If you want some of my production I suggest you come out and support! There's a bunch of amazing producers in the building tonight.
GOLD MEDALS (Live From Eagle Aerie Hall) out now on my YouTube page. Click the link in my bio! /// 🎥: @keenish + @beforecody #MakeMusicLiveZen
Later today I'm releasing 2 live videos from last weeks performance at Eagle Aerie Hall, including an unreleased track "Bombay & Lemonade" from my upcoming project "COLLECTION". Keep your eyes peeled for these, and subscribe to my YouTube page. #MakeMusicLiveZen #COLLECTIONbyMMLZ
@wavemmlz: 1 of 5 producers bringing that fuego to the #BeatAuxion, Thursday, July 20th. 5 local producers will be auctioning off their beats for Exclusive Lease you can't get anywhere else! #MakeMusicLiveZen #WaveMMLZ #issavibe #beats #vegasmusic #rappers #singers #studio #music #FunxionAtTheJunxion #vegas
07.20.17 #BeatAuxion at @junxioncomplex w/ @wavemmlz and 4 other Las Vegas Producers will be auctioning off exclusive beats you can't get anywhere else! #JunxionSøund #JunxionComplex #FunxionAtTheJunxion #MakeMusicLiveZen
Last night I was reminded how far we've come. We were recording raps in Garage Band with egg cartons on the walls imagining what it would be like to perform our songs. We all pitched in to get our first T-Shirts printed, and now we sit at a table full of merch that was designed + printed in house by my real friends. It's so beautiful because it started from nothing...no fans, a blank computer screen, no idea where to go or who to talk to.... I'm so proud of my friends and I for how far we've come. No slowing down now, so if you don't know...get familiar. #MakeMusicLiveZen
LAST NIGHT WAS LEGENDARY.🏄🏼🏄🏼🏄🏼 #MakeMusicLiveZen 📸: @dcvmom_dvbphotography
Morning vibes. @ableton #AbletonPush2 /// DM me up to book a session. 🌊🌊🌊🌊 #MakeMusicLiveZen
Mixed and mastered these new tracks "Bird Cage" by @wavemmlz & @piggbeats as well as "You & I" by @thenoirmovement make sure to go bump both of these beautiful tracks ! Also hit me up if you need any mixing or mastering! #mindfulmatterz #makemusiclivezen #tribechillin #noirmovement #newmusic #work #audioengineer
*NEW SONG* BIRD CAGE (Prod. @piggbeats) /// Dropping tomorrow, July 10th, on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud + More... New project otw. "Who let the 🕊 out the cage?" 🎨: @lndnhill @greatestcollective #MakeMusicLiveZen
THIS SHOW IS 1 WEEK AWAY!!! Can't wait to perform this new music and vibe with everyone. If you need tickets HIT ME UP ASAP, I WANNA SEE YOU HERE. 🌊🌊🌊 #MakeMusicLiveZen
Y'all ready for more new music?...I've been hard at work tightening up these tracks my new tape #CollectionbyMMLZ. I've got a show coming up July 14th where I'll be debuting a lot of these new songs, hit me up for tickets! #makemusiclivezen 📸: @sinemashotyou 🌊🌊🌊