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Clémentine e Martin, una giovane e dolce coppia dalla Francia, ospiti della Gipsy Roulotte qualche giorno fa • il loro tour dell'Italia li ha portati sono a qui! Ah, l 'amour ! 💘 #villapacchioni #gipsyroulotte #franceguests #stripes #memories #loveislove #italy #makemoments #saycheese #amour
Good morning friends!! It's that time again to start thinking about Fall photos! This is the perfect time to get updated family and Christmas card photos! I will be offering select dates in September, October & November for these sessions so don't wait to book. Send me a DM or email me for the exact times and dates :) #greyandlainephotography #familyphotography #fallminisessions #flashesofdelight
Смотрю и удивляюсь насколько классными могут быть фото сделанные совсем случайно 😂😂😂 А ещё только после появления в нашей семье Марреси поняла, как сильно люблю кошек. Таких величественных, элегантных и многогранных 🐱 #makemoments #lifestyle #dubna #mood #фотографиядня #лето #summer #smile #travel #путешествия #раскладка #доброеутро #еевеличестворыжесть #лето #бенгал #бенгальскаякошка #cat #pet #catstagram #bengal #bengalcat
My newest print "Cloud NINE" is now available for sale at BODEGA! ☁️ ✨
Unplug from your thoughts ☁️☁️. This can be SO difficult but can be achieved by refocusing your attention. Our attention span is like a spot light, it's very narrow and we can't fully focus on more than one thing at a time. For example if someone asked you to remember a phone number and write it down but the paper was across the room, you'd have to repeat this to yourself in order to remember it, and if someone interrupted you then you would probably forget the number... This is how narrow our attention is! This attentional spot light can be moved around depending on what your focusing on, when we are worried or ruminating, our spotlight is internal in our own thoughts somewhere in the past or the hypothetical future. When we move the attentional spotlight outwards into the world we literally aren't thinking those thoughts anymore. You can engage outwardly like this by using your senses. A good way to do this is my using mindfulness techniques to engage in the present. You can also refocus simply by engaging in something else to take your attention. Things that work are either mentally or physically engaging like reading, watching an episode of your favorite show, going for a walk etc. The thing that will work best for you will be something you enjoy or helps you to refocus and is different for everyone. If you notice there are certain times where you worry more, you can proactively plan when to use refocusing strategies (i.e on a morning commute) and you can also use this reactively in response to unhelpful worry or rumination. Allow yourself to let go and 'unplug' ☁️☁️☁️
Когда приезжают @i_have_starship и @katrinbar1 и впихивают невпихуемое в любой отпуск, впечатлений на месяц вперёд 😻🍃😌 #саксонскаяшвейцария #naturephotography #germany
страшное место, 🍸 вино с 4х часов дня....☺️ это когда совсем нет желания работать 😂