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The hydrangeas in my back yard seem to be loving this rain a little more than I am! Counting down to the weekend when I'll be camping on the beach in much better weather 🏝☀️ . . . . . #watercolorflowers #watercolor #painting #art #illustration #watercolorpainting #watercolors
Just sitting here at my desk pretending to be at the beach ☀️Anyone else? #almostsummer || My new favorite suit and towel are up on the blog 😉 link in profile 😘💕
volunteering is fun! 🌎✋️ you can ask @__monimorales one of our volunteering leaders about it! #IntelInvolved #IntelCostaRica #ImIn #volunteer
Данные ученых разнятся, но выводы, что женщины говорят в 2-3 раза больше мужчин остаются неизменными. Мы в среднем говорим 15-20 тысяч слов в день😱 Мужчины примерно 7 тысяч слов в день. Вывод? Подруги- жизненно необходимые люди! Люблю вас 👯👯
Came across today a nest with 3 Song Thrush babies in the wisteria, look at there little faces waiting for mum to land and feed them! #lovenature #songthrush
Always a fun idea for a bridal shower: share date ideas with the bride to help keep the romance alive ❤️ Photo by @kathrynhyslopphotography
To all the beautiful boss moms who have just finished exhibiting at @mamamagicsa and to the ones who have just finished setting up for @kamersvol I'm thinking of you and want you to know what inspirations you are! ❤️
Happy Tuesday! 🐶🌿☕️
keep your chin up 💕✨
My first shop share during my time off is of @fox_and_phoenix I got the most beautiful handmade mug from Cheri. I saw these colors and I knew I could draw creative energies from it while having my morning coffee. The sea glass accent is so pretty I can't take my eyes off it. Swipe to see more 😍
Such a beautiful day outside today!
Today calls for a sugary Starbucks lunch.
Pregnancy allows for 200 milligrams of coffee per day😬However, making a baby is hard work, which I think requires far more coffee than that! That being said, I enjoy my single cup of coffee first thing in the morning and it usually suffices for the day! In other news, it's going to be over 100 degrees here in Redding today😅I think it's about time to bring back the AC in our apartment! Happy Tuesday! It's going to be a beautiful day!💕
No romantic fireplace fires for us in this triple digit weather every day. Honestly I find myself battling jealousy when I follow photographers who just "step outside" in the coolness with a cup of coffee and collect bushels of flowers from their gardens... I am flat out jealous. 🤣 For those who often feel a similar way, we can find the beauty in what we have where we are. And if any awesome photog stylists I know ever come to AZ, let me know😋 🌵 #detailsphotographer #stilllife #stilllifedetails #dearphotographer #firewood #logs #details #arizonafoodphotographer #arizona #phoenixphotographer #stylist #shootstylist #blogphotography #learningphotography #stillphotography #beyondthewanderlust #makeitblissful #cmpro #clickinmoms
"But you are not alone in this; You are not alone in this; As brothers we will stand; And we'll hold your hand." _______________________ Bittersweet morning with one of my favorite British bands, Mumford and Sons. Came home from the music fest with such a buzz from their closing performance to learn of the tragedy that happened only a hundred or so miles from a place we both called home 🖤 #prayformanchester
A happy Tuesday spent chilling by the baby pool! 😊✨💦☀️😎
Lavander lattes and pretty colors brought to you by @lovethewalls. Check out her new account @formativewest for more beautiful photos!
// most important thing to know about me is that i am 100% solar powered. i am happiest, most optimistic, outgoing human around as long as i'm soaking in vitamin d . . . . . #heatherwooleryphotography #solarpower #sunshine #hellosummer #optoutside
We a little sweaty but the hike down to the bottom of the gorge was worth it.
We have officially fallen in love with the charming home of @branchabode 🌿
One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is how to improve Facebook visibility! As you know, Facebook is always changing and so is their Algorithm. If you're a business page, it may be hard to get your post seen. These little tricks can help improve your FB page: 1: Use the insights tab to know when your audience is one. The insights tab shows you best times and what posts have done well so you can keep a consistent flow. 2: Images and Videos work best on Facebook. Conducting FB Lives increases engagement & reach. 3: Share user generated content! See a fabulous blog post, share it and tag the original owner at a chance to get shared multiple times! How do you feel about your FB Business Page? 📲 #tiptuesday 📸| @colorhug
My favorite season 🍒
A little reminder inspired by the nice ladies at @shopgroundswell
The search for the perfect photographer for your wedding can feel overwhelming. So much choice, so many terms banded around about photographers ‘style’ or ‘approach’, what does it really all mean? No fear, on the blog today I attempt to de-fog everything you might hear when you’re searching for your wedding photographer, and give you an insight into my wedding photography style and approach and how it might work for you. {link in bio}
Who else asks for kisses all the time? 😜 Young brides and even older ones have said to us, to me, "wow you are lucky your husband is so romantic and sweet to you" like it happens so easily and naturally. The truth is, that its something we worked on since we have been married, over the course of five years it became "natural" for my husband to kiss me on the cheek or reach for my hand in public. Over the course of 5 years, of conversations, talking it through over and over again, talking about our expectations and relationship needs. It took me having to humble myself and not put pressure on my husband to act like the Mr Charming I saw in all those romance movies growing up. I had to stop comparing our relationship with other couples who seemed to have natural PDA all the time. Instead I had to replace it with realistic expectations, understanding, patience, and the willingness to love and respect him no matter what affection he shows or doesn't show in public. Only then, in respectful and real conversations where we able to tackle the issue and have an outcome where we both felt loved, respected, and well understood. It's a process and for some coming to that sweet time of understanding and respect can take 5 years, for some 1 month, or 20 years. But it's a process and you have to know that it must be done in a respectful and humble way where you aim to understand each other and love each other through the harder times. #hopefor2 . . . . . . . . . . #mybetterhalf #loveintently #youngandinlove #beating50percent #family #ilovemywife #ilovemyhusband #youngandmarried #christianblogger #foreverinlove #soulmates #ourlovestory #growoldtogether #familyday #datenight #happyanniversary #weddinganniversary #married #marriage #life #goals #motivation #inspiration #leadership #mentor #younglove #bestwifeever #engaged
Natural Archive : 18 carefully pressed and preserved botanicals. I'm proud to have made these with my own two hands! 🌿👐🏼 #pressedbotanicals
Sometimes, you just need to have a treat. I hope your Tuesday is off to a sweet start and that the rest of the week looks just as promising! If not, grab yourself a cupcake or a donut or a coffee and take a moment to notice some of the good stuff. Or don'tt think about anything, and simply embrace your inner Donna Meagle/Tom Haverford and Treat Yo' Self. 😉 You know what today needs.
This piece of art is brought to you by the oil-slicked parking lot at Costco. I call it "Fly and Puddle". Gosh, isn't pollution beautiful? 🤔🌎 #art #nature #watercolor #color
Because when you're 5 years old and your Mama surprises you with ice cream for breakfast, all is right in your life 🥞 #spoiledrotten
because when you make something other than hamburger helper, you document it. side note, one of my summer goals is to be more intentional about meal planning and using fresh herbs from our tiny garden.
▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ • • Photo by ➤ @nahilnaseer • Congratulations! • Chosen by ➤ @__a.y.s.e__ • Official tag ➤ #click_dynamic • Follow @igfotoys #igfotoys • • ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ • ⍟ #click_vision#vscogood#stillife#allwhatsbeautiful#makeitblissful#tv_living#vscolifestyle#still_life_gallery#transfer_visions#rsa_ladies#rsa_social#vscodaily#zamanidurdur#main_vision#macro_vision#tv_lifestyle#rsa_vsco#depthoffield#jj_indetail#tv_fadingbeauty#exklusive_shot#liveauthentic#styleonmytable#myeverydaymagic • ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂
Old photo of my favourite dress but that's because I'm still busy revising for 8 exams 🤓📚 I bought this dress from @reclaimedvintageldn about a year ago and I love it but I had to get it taken it up because I'm so small (I'm 5ft 2 and a bit and only about 45kg 😁) but this is a common problem for me... I find it so difficult to find ethical brands that are small enough and are my style. So if anyone has suggestions for ethical options for a petite girl that would be great ✌🏻 I'm looking for basics so t shirts, crop tops, bodysuits and also a dress for graduation 🎓 then I think for anything else I'll try and find vintage options because that's more sustainable and they are normally more interesting ❤️
○ dυтcн мoмeɴтѕ . . . . . .
Prague, meet Jimmy.
Таку красу назнимкувала нам @saidademchenko, що неможливо не показати 😍
○ I coυld lιve нere... . . . . . .
Наша улюблена група підтримки 💙 #bestfriends #leitswedding
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"Walt said that I knew about colors he had never heard of." - Mary Blair 💜🌈
"I am simply a book drunkard." -L.M. Montgomery and also me || The District
Let the ☀️ shine in your favor.
What is your favorite flower? #roses #flowerstagram
Have you ever wondered if you possess psychic gifts? Perhaps you've watched psychics on tv, or went to see one in person.. and wondered "how do they DO this?!". ▲ We are very excited to announce we are hosting a FREE workshop on Psychic Development for Beginners! ▲ Click the link in our bio for more details. ✨
»» when you have beautiful people in your life who make beautiful things (like these hammered hoops with raw emerald in them) you just have to show them off just a little bit 😍 » you can find more of this stunning work at @paperbirdstudiojewelry + on etsy 🙌🏻 . . . . . . . . . . #graceandguts #etsyshop #handmadejewelry #fromwhereistand #sparkly #buylocal #northwestcreatives
Hi everyone! There is a NEW "Behind the Feed" on our blog 🙌🏼🌴 with Mickey from @heymickeydesigns. Love her feed too? Jump on our blog now! She explains how she makes her clean Instagram feed + gives lots of tips for photography & theme design. See you all on the blog 😀🙌🏼 _ Where's the blog? Link in our bio >>> Blog. _ Made with D1 in the #WhiteFilterPack inside @preview.app. _ ✊🏼 #behindthefeed #ipreview
The warmer weather is finally here!!! That means more outside activities… Woohoo! As soon as the weather starts warming up we love to do picnics and hikes. On our last picnic, I was in charge of the drinks so I made this Sparkling Black Cherry Dragonfuit Lemonade with bites of Strawberry. It was definitely refreshing and delicious {and it can be spiked 😜} Check out the recipe on my blog - LINK ON BIO #AquafinaSparkling #AD @target . . #drinkspecials #freshairandfreedom #lovetheoutdoors #outdoorfun #enjoynature #documentyourdays #makeitblissful #seekthesimplicity #refreshingmoments #drinkstagram #summerdrink #warmerweather #juiceitup #strawberryeverything #sunshineaddicted #feelslikesummer #sunshinemakesmehappy #yummy #someforeveryone #sparklingwater #blackcherry #dragonfruit #MomDrink #feedfeed #easyrecipes #foodiegram #prettydrinks
I've been leaving for work before this guy even wakes up lately and last weekend, despite the wonderfulness of it all was just so busy, so I'm just dreaming of some really indulgent Saturday snuggles this weekend. Is it Friday yet??? Oh that's right its only Tuesday! #tuesdaykillinmyweekendvibes
// since i sat down at 11:30 last night to organize and plan the summers sessions and I'm starting to grasp the beautiful crazy that's ahead of me - and because for some of you we haven't been properly introduced - today we're gonna do a small series of introductions - i've already got a couple q/a's from you all but if there's anything you wanna know message me and i'll include it in one of today's posts ✌🏻 . . . . . . . . #heatherwooleryphotography #pnwphotographer #tuesdaystogether #morningslikethese #weddingphotographer #specs
Good morning Tuesday/ love seeing this when I walk out the door every day! 🌵🌼🌱🌤✌🏼 #vsco #vscocam #vscogrid #vscophile #cactus #cacti #goodmorning #tuesday #porch #botany #plant #makeitblissful #lovelysquares #chooselovely #thatsdarling #liveauthentic
A classic and colorful mimosa bar at this sweet garden bridal shower. More on the blog today! Photo by @kathrynhyslopphotography
Hexi pouches- just the thing for lip balm and lose change!
It's only #Tuesday but I'm talk swimsuits and dreaming about vacations over #ontheblog | ☀️
Ronda stole my heart. What a magical place. This was the view from our hotel room 😱
It's a rare occasion seeing us photographed as a family of 5. Even more so that we are all looking at the camera, and if you factor in my neighbor who paused his show to a knock on the door requesting his help taking the photo, then you'll no doubt think to yourself, "Cory, you need to frame it". And I'd say, "great idea". Boots & Bows Cheer Banquet trivia fact: my boys where the only ones in bow ties and I love 'em for it. #littlestoriesofmylife #ettienecottage #makeitblissful #familyfirst #motherhood #momentsofmine #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #lovemyfamily
It's another #totaltruthtuesday day. ______ I have no idea how to use Photoshop. I barely got a laptop after about 8-9 years of not having one. And it's a Mac at that which means I've got a bit of a learning curve ahead of me as I try to get my business in order. 💻 ______ So how did I manage to get a screenshot of my IG on this photo? Well, the easy way would have been to just have the pic of my IG on the screen already, but since this photo was sent out to my subscribers I wanted it to be blank so that they would have the option of adding in their own screenshot. _____ I used the PicCollage app. 1) Select Freestyle 2) Add two photos - the image with the blank phone and my IG screenshot. 3) Expand the blank phone image to cover the entire area. 4) Select the option to make it the background photo. 5) Shrink the IG screenshot and maneuver it over the blank screen. _____ Voilà!!! You have now made this photo your own!! Don't have this photo but want to try it out? Sign up for my newsletter and I'll be sure to send you the 3 free images. Also, feel free to tag someone in the comments that might need this quick and resourceful Photoshop workaround. 👍 ______ If you do try it out, tag @mysquaredstyle and I'll try my best do an IG story on your different photos--I'd love to see what you come up with!!!
School is out for summer, whahoo! Looking back, I see huge leaps in both my school aged girls. I'm thankful for the wonderful school they attend St. Joseph Catholic School , their teachers, and the year with which they were blessed. . There were a million little changes, little growths, new horizons seen, and previously unknown frontiers explored. One of the most noticeable ones was my kindergartener's blossoming love of reading. If nothing else happened that year in kinder (& plenty did) than I'd still be over the moon grateful. . Happy #transformationtuesday. Tell me about how you changed or how one of your kiddos changed this past school year. . . . . . #family #library #familyportrait #byhisLightphotography #portraitphotographer #ABMlifeissweet #StLouisphotographer #ILcreative #lovebooks read #flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #theartofbeingamother #makeitblissful #abeautifullife #thatsdarling #thisismotherhood #livefullyalive #cultivatewhatmatters #howiclick #fromwhereIstand #cameramomma #theinstagramlab #documentlife #RSlove #petitejoys #motherhoodsimplified #honestmotherhood #joyfulmommas
Our one-of-a-kind kilim pillow covers are hand-picked from souks and bazaars across the Mediterranean. The ones pictured here are from Marrakech 🇲🇦link in bio! #kilimpillow #handcrafted
Families after families. When God lead me to focus on this small homebased business, I prayed hard that He will guide me and provide all the things and people I needed to do it. No, not just do it, but to do it well. And yes, He provided everything, from partners, materials, ideas, capital and most of all, clients. Thank you Lord, amazed by your goodness and love. Thank you to all of you, who follows and supports us. Maraming Salamat po. 😊 #treenmanila #personalizedph #woodcraft #grateful #momprenuer #calledtocreate
How I feel about allergies 😑