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This candle got so much flack that I put off burning it forever. Ohmygoshhhh! It is so good! I guess some things you just have to try for yourself. Good thing I bought 3 πŸ’πŸΎ #mainstays #mainstayscandle #cottoncandycandle #mainstayscottoncandycandle #thatalliterationtho
Small Walmart Haul. The Caribbean Villa was only $4 and smells great, perfect to get ne though the summer. All Spice is a classic Holiday type scent, and the Cashmere woods plug ins are what I use all fall for my room! #walmarthaul #mainstayscandle #allspice #caribbeanvilla #719walnutavenue #glade #gladeplugins #cashmerewoods
These are the #mainstayscandle three wick, that I have burnt last year (2016) and this year (2017). Only a few of these are awesome, for the price and performance, in my opinion. The only one that I would repurchase and is one of my favorite is, Soothing Spa. It is a spa like scent that has somewhat of a sweet eucalyptus scent. It did wonderful in my master bathroom (8/10). All the others were ok, but, I would not repurchase. Sweet Sangria was good. It was more of a fruity berry drink scent than an alcoholic scent (8/10). Fresh Cotton was strong. It was a nice laundry/white floral scent (8.5/10). Caribbean Spice smelled good. That scent was like a tropical fruity coconut/mango/papaya mixed with a bakery cinnamon type drink (7/10). Apple & Evergreen was ok in the beginning but started smelling gross at mid-point (5/10). Winter Mittens was somewhat of a minty scent, idk, and then started smelling unpleasant at mid-point, too (5/10). Tahitian Sunset smelled like a fruity tropical drink maybe with a hint of coconut and I don't know how else I can describe the scent but it reminded me of the, LOVE, candle from BBW of 2016. It was good in the beginning but started smelling awful towards the middle. Lastly, Cotton Candy....I could smell some what of spun sugar but it barely threw (3/10). All in all it was a good experience for me to burn these candles. Now I know what not to get in the future. If you burnt Mainstays candles, tell me which ones are your favorite ;-)
B and m also with 2 main stays candles. I have the orange dreamsicle melts from them and love them so nice to see an easier stock available #mainstayscandle #mainstays