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The alternate photo to the one I shared the other day at @derekslagle
Pink Shadow
I think street photography is like jazz music; tethered to the rules of structure (of light and form), the artist then improvises, sometimes wildly, creating unique compositions on the spot. They bend the laws of their craft without breaking them entirely, producing with every photo a feeling of moving time and individual personality, seemingly chaotic, yet actually bound within the lines of the aesthetic. For years I've been the square artist, narrowly glued to the rules, hoping to master the foundations of my craft and nervous to test their boundaries. Consequently, the works I've produced are often 'nice' but not always thought-provoking or original. I was in Berlin over the weekend and decided to hit the street and try bending the rules for once. I might not have nailed it, but few do when playing jazz for the first time. Hope you still enjoy the show. . 48 hours in Berlin. . Follow me @nicholasshaunphillips to see more of my photography. . #photooftheday #shotoftheday #Berlin #People #streetphotography #photojournalism #photoessay #monsterchildren #exploreeverything #justgoshoot #artofvisuals #fullframe #canon #storytelling #streetshot #ourstreets #lensculturestreets #magnumphotos #documentaryphotography #streetleaks #wearethestreet #streetphotographers #streetdreamsmag #streetscape #lensculture #eyeemphoto
• Le portrait • Le Cinéma sur pellicule c'est 24 images par seconde. La photo c'est souvent le temps d'1 image sans rafale! Alors, comment raconter une histoire en 1 photo ? Moi, je ne sais pas faire. C'est pourquoi il me faut 2 photographies ! Un être en transit vers un autre lieu. Ici, l’histoire, c'est le rêve de la belle au bain de la rivière. Celle qui se laisse aller au courant dans sa tenue @cardoparis. L’heure magique où la source de 7° se déverse dans les plaines de Tanzanie à 37° le soir. Baudelaire rencontrant Kipling et Beineix… Cinema Paradiso Perso…