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Hi hello I'm 23 and idk how I got so old (!!!) or how to deal rn but I'm super happy and super blessed because I have friends that go out of their way to make my birthday super lit. So cheers to that 🙃 also, bday shoutout to my womb mate @wanderingwithjay because we don't live in the same state anymore. Third year in a row we've spent our birthday apart but I'M FINE I PROMISE 😭😭😭
Repost from Chippenham Hospital ----- "...Dr. David Miller, orthopedic surgeon at Chippenham Hospital and OrthoVirginia performed the latest technology in total knee replacement with the MAKO robotic system! This makes Chippenham Hospital the first in Central Virginia to offer this highly advanced robotic technology. “Mako is changing the way joint replacement surgeries are performed by providing each patient with a personalized surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy,” said Dr. David Miller."
Counting down to July 1st when applications open and we begin the process of filling up this space! Who's excited?!?! Holiday Market coming Nov 4th to the Urban Arts Garage!
Balayaged babe😍😍 #hairbydevv
#Lynchburg 🥃 ✌🏻
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How cute are these #jacks!? 😍 . . . Orange 8 $20 Black 7 $20 . . . #platos #PlatosCloset #platoslynchburg #lynchburg #lynchburgva #jackrogers #sandals #summer
Happy Tuesday, friends! I've been able to spend a few days in my hometown visiting family and friends, and getting slightly sunburnt at the beach 🙈 I got to work on some fun projects while in Florida. Can we take a moment for how beautiful this wood is?!
such a nice day for late breakfasts, windows open & walking around downtown . still can't get over how blessed I am to live where I do . . . #downtown #lynchburg #explore #travel #adventure #shopsmall #records #vintage #blessed