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This was my favorite from the season but...It looked so good on my camera. I'm just not sure if the focus is there. #lynchburg #lynchburghillcats #traditionroarson #carolinaleague #minorleague #minorleagues #minorleaguebaseball #virginia #virginiastate_photos
Every Day We Make It , Well Make It The Best We Can. #tennesseewhiskey #lynchburg
When we rolled out this rug and set the coffee table on it just like it was in our living in Istanbul, our new home definitely started to take shape. We got this rug when we first moved to Istanbul and I have never stopped loving it. I remember the day we got it vividly. Going through rug after rug while sipping tea and hearing our friend (who is a carpet seller) tell us about the stories and the patterns of these vintage rugs. This one is seventy years old, all hand dyed with natural dyes. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. But what I love most about it are the memories tied to it. All the Legos built on it, the books read, the countless cups of tea and coffee shared with dear friends. The tears shed on it during my early morning prayers. The crumbs left over after our Sunday night picnics. This piece is tied to our family's story, to our daily rhythms and intentions. If you were to move today, what piece would you take that immediately makes your new place feel like home? Or tell me about a piece from your childhood home. I just love furniture that comes with a story. ❤️
Day 1 is in the books. (And I'm well aware hers is faster, thanks) #Lynchburg #everybikeisanadventurebike #eclipsepilgrimage
I guess this is simply my happy place 🇺🇸 #lynchburg #usa #virgina #virginiaisforlovers❤️
There are painted pianos all around downtown Lynchburg, with signs on them that say "Play me." Anna was game to comply with the request. This one is near the corner of Main and 9th, in front of the Bank of the James. #HillCityKeys #lynchburg #lynchburgva #LovingOurNewHome
Just a lil montage of our adventure today🤙🏼 #lynchburg #pantherfalls
When bae makes fish lips at you 😍 #bassfishing #fishing #kiss #rippinlips #virginia #lynchburg