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i fucking love charles 💞💞 - cr: @s.tevesharrington (also one of my fav accs ever ngl)
a table full of daddies™
I'd go with Jug. Tate is just a little too nuts for me! - follow @itsveronicalodge
madelaine is so hot & cheryl is one of my favs on the show 🤗 + comment "🔥" if you like Cheryl + comment "😡" if you don't
Day 19: person I don't trust - Sheriff Keller, I somewhat feel like he hates everyone and puts no effort into his job. I think he resents the key group as they seemingly do his job for him. Smh. 🙈 -Vixen
Day 18: moment I didn't want to happen. FP in jail 😣😣 -Vixen
1992: #todayskidswillneverknow (until now) that 25 years ago, Archie’s dad introduced Fartman 🤯😜at the #MTV #VMAs #Riverdale #90s #1990s #HowardStern #LukePerry
• Everything everything is such a good book😍😩❤️