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Tuesday's are made for walking your pet dinosaur 🙈 #gabinator #thhp #lovethelifeyoulive #summerholidays #campingfamily
The Dam was looking ridiculously pretty yesterday 😍 I didn't see anyone anywhere it was lovely 🌈🦄🌳 #damview 😉 #sunrise #landscapephotography
dreaming of big trees, waterfalls and epic adventures with epic people 💚 #lovethelifeyoulive #alwaysseekingadventure #optoutside #stopandstretch #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #wonderfulwashington
No, I'm not crying in the second picture, just sweating my ass off. Although I did cry halfway through. It was hard. I have cramps. The smoke in the air is burning my lungs. It was a long ass day. I didn't start my workout until 10:45 and I was ready for bed. I'm on vacation. I'm dehydrated. I have a ton of housework to do. See, I have excuses. (I'm betting you do too.) And all of the above (and then some) are excuses I would have used before I snapped the fuck out of it and realized nothing in life was going to change unless I did. So I am. I had to stop saying no to myself before I could begin saying yes to all of the opportunities surrounding me that help me create a better life. I know you feel me on this. We are the same person. Quit saying no to yourself! There is a whole heap of love, strength, joy and abundance waiting for you on the other side of no. I have 3 spots available for one-on-one clients and 3 more spots in my current group. Let me help you. #lovethelifeyoulive #sweatmyassoff
It's the BEST feeling when close friends reach out, to spend legit quality time with you before you leave!💞 thank you for the drinks tonight, all the laughs, the amazing conversation, & the trip down memory lane with all the nostalgic moments! I'll miss you both so much! Almost 10 years of friendship, with a few years as roommates back at Western😂, I know we'll be lifelong friends @stephanb89! See you both in Europe one day!😜 . . . #farewellseason #farewelldinners #friendship #lifelongfriends #western #family #toronto #travel #betheadventure #neverstopexploring #movingabroad #thisismyhappiness #lovethelifeyoulive
Радость...Дети...Август...Море...Паттайя..Тайланд. А вы знаете, где есть чистое море в черте самого города Паттайя?😉 Это Wong Amat beach 🏖 Расположен в северной части города, где улица Naklua. Можно добраться на тук-туке и спуститься к морю пешком, по любой из Сой ☺️Лучше по 18 Сои Наклыа и уйти немного вправо вдоль берега до отеля Centara Grand Mirage🍦 Есть шезлонги за 100 бат 💵 РЕКОМЕНДУЮ #wongamatbeach