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#семья #сынидочь #декретныйотпуск #скороновыйгод #фотографмашакаюрова #фотографкаюрова #фотографвладивосток # вот так уютно и по домашнему прошла наша вчерашняя фотосессия с @kayurova_photo, с Машей мы знакомы давно, работали вместе не один год. Как к фотографу обратились к ней в 2011 году, я была на 4 месяце беременности с Вовочкой, снимали #lovestory #, для нас это была первая осознанная фотосессия. И вот у нас уже двое детей, а Маша стала для нас настоящим семейным фотографом. Маша, спасибо тебе огромное за тот позитив которым наполнена каждая наша сьемка, и пусть мы не так часто встречаемся, но ты для нашей семьи настоящий клад 😗😙😘
No better place than me next to you #nexttome ♥️ * * * * * * Available on all platforms for steam and download #duo #diy #iphone7 #video #love #lovestory #brooklyn #lovebirds #lay #birdseye #lovesong #song #sing #singers #songwriter #originalmusic #indie #whatsnext
Best shit in de world level 2, with love story, with madness, with craziness made topic. Better than crime and punishmnet. And shit else, bitches. #lovestory #porn #delaurentis #lemonadeindebleis
Cozy night in wearing our new Christmas jammies! Mine have little reindeer on them, and we are having so much post-Thanksgiving fun eating a little pizza and watching a movie 🎄💕 • • • • • #love #longhair #ootd #lovestory #girly #makeup #blonde #wife #fitness #whatiwore #dreamlife #Christmas #outdoors #beauty #couplesgoals #relationshipgoals #huntress #fashionblogger #lifestyleblog #holidayseason #whyweadventure #BlackFriday #classy #ootd #gratitude #iifym #fashion #wedding #bride #fashionblogger
One month after my ex and I broke up, I met someone in japan. A Japanese boy living in the countryside near Tokyo. I liked every moment that we spent together. He's sweet and considerate. We visited every corner of Tokyo. We spent as much time together as possible. I was very happy. I remember the last days when I was in Japan I was very sick. He took days off from his work and stayed with me at my place, taking care of me. I like him a lot. Our relationship was passionate and great. However I knew I would go back to Belgium. We didn't talk about move. We were simply happy being together. The day when I had to leave Japan, it was quite heart breaking. - Max, from Brussels #lovestory #Japanesegay #belgianboy #Belgium #japan #realtionship #gaylove #gayfrance #gaybelgium #gaybrussels #instagay #instahomo #gaystagram #handsome #beautifulmen #photography #Brussels #portrait #cafemok #gayboyfriend
“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." - Willie Nelson ______________________________________________________ Planning & Design: @julianleaver Photography: @samuellippkestudios Floral: @bowsandarrowsflowers Tent: @whimhospitality Linen: @latavolalinen Tabletop: @poshcouturerentals Stationery: @meldeenink Dance Floor: @dfwdancefloors Lighting: @beyondldtx Furniture: @toptiereventrentals Catering: @2knives_catering Bar: @partiesplusamarillo Band: #TheProject Drape: @quest_events Rentals: @shagcarpetprops Venue: Private Residence, Amarillo, TX
📌 « VOUS VOUS ÊTES CONNUS COMMENT AVEC PAUL? » 🤔🗣 et là..grand malaiiiise! « SUR BADOO, tiens! » 😳 (bien sûr, pour ma mams, j’ai inventée une version à part 😂🤫) donc on est bien la preuve vivante, que ce genre de machins d’applis fonctionnent et non pas juste pour ce taper des gars/meufs (pour ça certainement aussi😂✋🏻) et dire qu’à la base ça devait être juste un délire avec un pote de se créer un profil dessus 😜j’ai gardé mon compte une semaine sans rentrée souvent, et qql minutes avant de cliquer sur « supprimer mon compte » je suis tombé sur Paul 😍 faut savoir, que le principe des sites de rencontres est nul, fin tu te bases juste sur le physique de la personne alors que ce n’est juste x % de ce qui compte vraiment 🤷🏼‍♀️bref, tout ça pour vous dire que de fois on tombe sur CETTE personne par très grand hasard (et là, gab dirai « tout ce passe pour une raison » 💟 ) et qu’au final les applis tels que badoo, tinder ce n’est pas juste de la rigolade, la preuve, dans 2 mois on fêtera notre 1ère année de couple ❤️ (📌 PETIT MOT DE LA FIN : qui doit se quitter, se quittera. qui doit se retrouver, se retrouvera » 💕 (si vous savez ce que je veux dire 😏) #couplegoals #boyfriend #love #amour #lovestory
Read comments!!! To begin on point, I never celebrate birthdays, But even if I put to the finest possibility and think of celebrating My birthday almost seven and a half months from now, I wouldn't celebrate it. No not I wouldn't be wondering how you celebrate yours, but Haan I would be wondering as to how would you celebrate the birthday of your child. I don't think I will be knowing whether the child would grow up to be handsome, talented, intelligent and caring and loving man or to be a delicate, emotional, kind, humble, caring yet strong beautifull young lady. I mean how could I know ? I would never know. (I gently remind myself, Shams no one is going to tell you). Yes I would be writing this, on the comments section on your Instagram through an account created specifically for the purpose or may post it on my feed and tag you. No I don't know. I could do both too. No no. I respect you, the later is preferable. I don't even know whether I will log into this account and check that you have replied or not. I will never be checking my Instagram account Because I know gone are the days when I could get a message the would read 'I Love You'. Meanwhile, not every corner of the town is laced with our memories together. Because damn it, your privacy & secrecy was more important to me than my L**E itself was. No no I will never say please come back to me, because you know, my faith doesn't allow me to play with Shari'a but honestly, I'm happy that you're happy. No I don't lie these days, nor do I pretend I don't love you, I really don't love anyone bro. And when I avoid the highway, while going towards downtown from inner roads, & when I'm near Kashimji Stores, my heart starts beating faster, I hope I don't bump into you, or atleast you shouldn't see me. But I could never figure out why the fuck I take that route. But yeah I'm happy that you're happy, and someday would like to meet your, child and kiss on his/her forehead and say hey little kiddo you can call me Uncle Shams. But then why will I like to meet and will I really be able to present myself as uncle, I have no fucking idea.