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when yr never expecting anything from anyone and am not an expensive jewellery girl, but when yr hubby surprises you with these that were out of stock for months! #luckygirl #louisvuitton #gold #lovemyhusband #special #summer2017
Kebahagiaan yang Hakiki.. #lovemyhusband #babyboy
I still love to watch him surf 🏄. #LoveMyHusband
22 juillet #10ans #lovemyhusband
Thank you Artie❤️ #lovemyhusband
pixie haircut + wrinkles # why I 💛 this pic: ~ my husband noticed I had my haircut today, first time ever! It's only taken 9 years. ~ I have wrinkles + a funny nose + I wouldn't change any of it. I'm here. Yes at 45+1/2 years old, I'm still here on earth. 7+1/2 years after been told I had terminal cancer with a life expectancy of 12months, I'm here feeling happy + grateful + well + in awe of my innate healing body. ~when I look in the mirror + I see wrinkles + the odd grey hair = I know my life plan is working out. ~The alternative to wrinkles + grey hair, is a short life. ~I love that I am still here, experiencing this day, spending time with my son, fitting in work where I can, accepting that I need to prioritise my health + that I'm not super women (bugger it! Did it take anyone else this long to figure that out or am I the only one) ~I'm not suggesting it's always easy but it is life. And I am very grateful for mine. 💛
Went out for a much needed night of fun. Thank you @markperez for spoiling us girls @warmheartsproject @irisalmario ❤️ #greektheater #freestyle #jodywatley #stevieb #trinere #lovemyhusband #girlfriends #animalhopeandwellness
To my ultra patient husband, happy 1 year anniversary ❤️👰🏼🤵🏻⛪️ it's been a crazy busy first year but looking forward to many more! Keep smiling and laughing! 😂😘 ❤️💏 #firstweddinganniversary #lovemyhusband #creasing