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On Sundays we hike! Or snowshoe in this case! 🙈😳😂💪 #vancouver #cypressmountain #hollyburntrail #lovemyhome #hiking #beautifulbc #canada #canada150
Esto es lo que pasa cuando quieres poner decoración de mayor pero tienes alma friki 😍😍 #dragonball #juegodetronos #gameofthrones #frikadas #lovemyhome
Gute Nacht ihr Lieben💕Wünsche euch einen tollen Start in die Neue Woche😉Hab Morgen Gott sei Dank Spätschicht💪und kann so dem Wahnsinn des morgigen Ansturms belächeln🙈 #home #zuhause #lovemyhome #ourhome #sweet #ichliebekerzen #flur #flurdeko #livingroomdesign #living #room #roomdecor #interior_and_living #interiodesign #interiorstyling #interior444 #instahome #meinikea #white #vintage #instahome #instahome #solebeich 🤗
Taking a journey can present in different ways. It can be spiritual, imaginative or physical. That was the inspiration for this piece called "Take Me With You." I never get tired of looking at it and it's message remains true to me today! If you like this piece I have it on exhibition and for sale @homestead_edm and for #yeggers if you are a vintage buff, the suitcase features an old luggage tag from our former municipal airport! #yxd
Forgot to post my NEW MOON in CANCER vibes with all the weekend craziness!!!✨😆⭐️so here it is! #fridayfeels #latergram Today I am honouring myself, my body, settling into the heart of my bossom, and feeling at home in myself. I had somewhat of a 'dark night of the soul' this last week. Realizing some friends I thought were part my 'Tribe' are not really there for me at all. Feeling alone & lost & like, WTF am I doing here!!!? No doubt feelings so aligned with the tides of the moon & super emotional due to the Sun/Moon in Cancer @2• exactly opposing my Venus!! (&conjunct ASC!!) Well that was enough of that. Today I am setting intentions to create a new life for myself. So I am doing a day of Ceremony! Opening with The East in the morning, asking for self esteem to embark on this new venture I find myself in. Asking for help with my new dietary plans of cutting out dairy & no sugar!!! (& also extra support with the previous removal of meat & alcohol!!!😛) thanking the Spirits of the East for this new beginning. ☀️ Asking the Spirit of the South with support in opening my heart to love & the beauty all around me, within me. I have so much to give. And I know that I have everything I need. 🌸 Asking the Spirit of the West for help with shedding the past, all the hurts, expectations un-met, and breaking down the old paradigm patterns & beliefs!!! Forgiveness is real. It heals. We chose this life & these bodies & these families. Asking the Ancestors for support in re-birthing my outlook on life🌿 Calling in the Spirit of the North to instill me with the power and the courage to live my truth, to be myself and stand in the Light of pure Love that I AM❤️🐻 Last but not least Patchamama & Patchatata....my real Mother & Father, here at this time in space. All else is an illusion & just the lessons of life stored in the seeds of karma that need to be cleared & healed so you can return to Source again. Return to Love. Return to Spirit. Tanscend the earthly realms of all those emotions that are fear based. Return to Love. Return to Love. Love is real. My true Family. Home. 🌎🌤🌞And so it is. #AHO 🦋 Its is a New day! A New dawn! A new beginning!!! Happy New Moon in Cancer!✨🌙♋
My (sadly) empty Disaronno bottle makes a fabulous holder for my washing up liquid. #sparkjoy #bottle #disaronno #recycle #reuse #lovemyhome