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Happy Friday, friends! For a guide to washing your winter woolies, go check out my guest journal post with @cloth 🌿(link in bio.) Also, 25% off all tops, sweaters and knit accessories with code COZYUP. #friendsofcloth #wool #lovelysquares
Summer season is over
Mom-guilt is so real and so sneaky. At the exact same time that I am overcome with gratitude for pretty much everything we have, I am simultaneously walloped by guilt and exhaustion.... In the six weeks that Mr. Omri has been with us, the older two kiddos have been sick four of those six weeks. 4 out of 6 weeks!!! That makes me exhausted. I’m also a perfectionist and a germaphob which I’m sure qualifies me for the crazy-bin (and makes every instance of illness seem like an eternity) but how am I supposed to care for my babies and keep house and run my business and shower and eat and function and breath??? ... to top it all off, mom-guilt has been hitting me hard as we’ve been trying to get Jude back into his therapies... I need another 10 hours in the day and an extra 2 days in the week because Jude should be getting around 5 hours of therapy per week AND we’re behind on specialist appointments and Matt and I are both booked through the new year (super grateful) and, oh yeah, we have a newborn. ...I’ve been going to bed every night for the past month knowing that i need to do better and that I’m missing deadlines or letting someone down and it hurts my heart so so much. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by grace-filled friends, family, and clients. But I’m also exhausted. Grateful and exhausted. Thankful and overwhelmed. That’s me in a nutshell this season. #momguilt #newbornlife #lifewithcmv #loveyouall
My windmill is finally here!! . . It is on a retractable pole so when I drive I will have no issue with the height. When I park I just remove a pin and raise the windmill to my desired height! I also has the ability to lock the blades so they won’t move during transport. . . The windmill will charge my batteries directly along with my solar! When I am hooked up to shore power I can save the energy in my battery bank. #lydiaslittlewindmill #lydiaslittlehouse #windpower
One thing I love about having a yard is that we can go outside & so yesterday, we hung out eating apples, playing games & I brought my knitting out because it was such a nice day! This morning, we woke up to pouring rain & decided to play some Christmas music (yes, me & Ollie are addicted) & pumpkin pancakes are on the agenda for breakfast! Hope you all are having a happy Friday!
🌳Prestoze jsem ted v mnoha ohledech stastnejsi, nebylo to vzdycky jednoduchy. Kazda zmena si vybira svoji dan. Nemela jsem jistotu jine prace ani staleho prijmu, presto jsem se rozhodla ze sveho zamestnani odejit. Nebylo snadny rict rodicum, ze ted nehodlam pokracovat ve studiu, protoze chci v zivote delat neco jinyho. A rozhodne nebylo jednoduchy zjistit, ze clovek, ktery mi byl ze vsech lidi nejblizsi, ma uplne odlisnou predstavu o zivote. Pres vsechny tyhle obtize jsem se rozhodla, ze do toho pujdu. Bez toho aniz bych mela nejaky konkretni plan nebo zpatecni letenku. Proste jen tak, ja a muj zivot, ktery si ponesu na zadech.🌳 #6dnidoodletu #minveciviczazitku #dnescestujem #iglifecz #igerscz #vscocze #vscoapp #earthpix #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #thetravelwomen #wearetravelladies #thewanderlustclub #thediscoverer #dametraveler #czechvibes #girlsborntotravel #stayandwander #nomadgirls #girldiscoverers #passionpassport #lovelywanderings
We are doing some fun, new things here at Grey Ministries! To help fund and grow the ministry efforts we are starting a clothing and home line called “Gracie”. • Our first reveal is the new Gracie Prayer Blankets. Yes, it is a giant knit blanket (love those!) but there’s a story behind it! When I became pregnant with my oldest son I was really ashamed for my “visible sin”. Growing up in a small community, everything was a big deal (probably bigger to me than to anyone else!). Regardless, I thought for sure I had screwed up BIG TIME. Some of you may have read that I grew up around Mennonite country. For those who don’t know, Mennonites are similar to that of the Amish, Quaker, etc. The Mennonites I grew up with and went to church with were called Mennonite Brethren. Basically- the modern Mennonite (great blog name for any Mennos out there!!!!). They don’t dress funny, they drive cars, they have electricity but there are still some sweet traditional things that have been passed down. Let’s say, it was a very conservative, God-fearing/loving community. After I became pregnant, a Mennonite woman who was close to our family made me a prayer blanket. I don’t know what it was but my mom explained that she had “knit prayers” into it while making it for my son and I. I thought it was sweet and tucked it away. Now that I am older and have left my safe, little community, the prayer blanket is dear to me. It’s a reminder that 1. I was loved and cared for- not shamed! and, 2. There are always people who care about my family and myself. It’s also a reminder of humble beginnings and to take time to love others and appreciate the small things and now sits in a prominent position in my sunroom, where I do all my work for Grey Ministries, praying and also most of my crying! (Love that room) • I’ll share more about the story in the next post!
Have you seen my giveaway with @frankandoakwomen?! Check two posts ago for details! #sheisFO #FrankandOakWomen #frankandoaknetwork
The Paths We Take They seem so random sometimes. The littlest decisions we make can lead us to an unexpected places. And it all seems like a one big coincidence, yet at the same time it feels so right. Like you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do you get my meaning? I'm more conscious about these little decisions now as I watch them unfold. A decision as simple as which table you decide to join for a breakfast can determine who are you going to spend the most of your time with. And not just that but plenty of other significant things can be traced back to this one simple decision. It's a butterfly effect. ❤️ But knowing this, would I choose differently? Absolutely not! It's like I said. It just feels like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. ☺️
Inceputul. Cateodata e atat de usor, alteori mai greu. Inceputul fiecarei mame e diferit. Atunci imi parea obositor totul. Simteam ca fac totul si ca nu prea fac nimic "special". Doar am grija de copil. Bine... Gandurile total opuse ma bantuie si acum, la aproape 2 ani ai lui Catrinel. Inceputul e minunat. Divin. Omusorul nostru depinde de noi, iar eu si Bogdan suntem langa ea. Daca atunci credeam ca e greu, acum mi-am schimbat perspectiva. Cred ca greul creste direct proportional cu varsta ei. Tumultul de experiente ne arata cum ea evolueaza, cuvintele rostite din senin si pe care le asuma in secunda urmatoare, expresiile adorabile sunt certitudinea ca pana la urma e bine ce facem noi pentru ea... Sunt toate provocari din ce în ce mai mari. Inceputul e inedit! Aici, voia sa se urce pe scara. I-am explicat riscurile, am lasat-o singura sa incerce, supravegheata de bunica ei. Ghici unde s-a dus? Pe casa. . . . #catrinel #momswithcameras #cameramama #uniteinmotherhood #lovelywanderings #ig_motherhood #childofig #mom_hub #momtogs #parenthood_unveiled #beyond_motherhood #bestofmom #artofvisuals #stunningbabies #pixel_kids #letthelittle #curiouslittleexplorers #runwildmychild #magicofchildhood #nothingisordinary #red #red_nio #letthelittle #kidsforreal #treasuringlittlememories #ourcandidlife #our_everyday_moments #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #childofig #postthepeople
Friday! Have a happy one, lovely People! 💛🍁🍂
It's a jumping into puddles and exploring love of day today. Shame I need to pop into IKEA and do birthday party prep really.🙁
Are you ready for the week-end? I wish you all a lovely one! On the blog today I’m going to talk about this beauty...no, I’m not talking about my girl (who is a beauty indeed 😁) but the bycicle I’m literally obsessed with 🚴‍♀️ Caro venerdì, i miei figli ti aspettavano con ansia! Oggi nel blog vi racconto della mia nuova scoperta di cui sono pazzamente innamorata...buon week-end!!