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I almost prefer it to be grey and cloudy..it makes the colors so much more vibrant.
I'm so proud of this little one, he continues to amaze me every day. Today he tells me he passed his spelling test, he only practised once. But he isn't a child who always gets everything right, and when we were practising yesterday he told me "you just have to try to do your best, that's all you can do". Super proud mummy
My working week is done and now I'm off with this little one, she was so happy to see me when I got home she wouldn't let go of my leg 😂
Yes does not come naturally to me, but it's starting to. // #ontheblog #linkinprofile
Lucky for @lambandbear she's got some #BeachMagic to hand! Bear's looking pretty sandy!
We got our wedding photographs back yesterday (prepare for overload in the days coming) and I'm just over here having one of those "I'm so thankful for my husband moments". Thinking about how the day he got some unwanted news about his Dad, he brought ME flowers home. Thinking about how life these past couple of weeks have been hard but he still holds my hand and walks us through it in the midst of his hurting. Thinking about how Jesus is the rock of our marriage and the reason that we can so easily loan our strength to one another. Thinking about how he loves and serves me every day, just like Jesus so greatly loved and served us- even, and especially in the messes. God knew all along you would be my husband, Dylon, and for that I am feeling SO thankful. I never knew a man could love so well until I met you.
amazing how much this little guy is using his voice now. even trying to get his ma'ma to give him chocolate covered frozen bananas for breakfast promising "to eat the banana first" #ohreally #canyouturnwaterintowinetoo 6.25.2017
my majestic baby bird •day46 6.25.2017
Happy place 😌 looking back at this moment — care free, happy as clams, celebrating my sisters marriage + soaking up all the family love. It was refreshing, cleansing and invigorating to take in the sights, flavors, seeing loved ones, and hearing many new stories. I love this thing called life and all the many facets of it! 🌊✨
Ke štěští mi vlastně stačí dvě věci - ten můj sekáč a místo, které společně můžeme objevovat. V Lipsku se nám zatím moc líbí 💚 #vitekaakinak
🐂Met this guy on our walk today. Fell completely in love, wanted to stick him in my pocket and take him home 🐂
Off the beaten path 🌸🌿 #inspiredbypetals #worldinbloom
No longer does the wind console me. Nor do the crashing waves create calm in my mind. A gust of wind whips my hair across my face and brings a sort of startling to my heart. And I know that healing has taken place. That equilibrium has been restored. That I no longer live in this place of pressure on my brain. Of division in my spirit. But there is calmness here again. Dare I say, there is life.