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CHHToday Sports | The 4 Horsemen are about to take the battle rap scene to the next level.
You gotta fuck with my realness, I’m sick with it like I’m stuck with an illness, it ain’t luck that I’m still rich; just more reason for me to tuck and conceal this.. Ya boy might have to hit a fuck nigga Kill switch #LOSO 🔥 #ShookOnes #Fitlife #GymRat #TrainInsane #Lift #FitFam #GymAddict #GymLife Workout fueled by @advanced_supps best supplements 2 day delivery
Im flexin..flexin Ain't moving a muscle though Come through in some foreign shit You checking it like customs ho American Gangster: chase them Franks like Russell Crowe Them Benjamin Franks in case you lost or just don't know I got my BET on that's my Black Watch And all I do is win my pockets look like jackpots Check my calender it say I'm flexxin all summer So your lucky day is when you get a call from us Fabolous #hiphop #ny #nyhiphop #fabolous #brooklyn #loso She callin' me Fablo She think that I'm Pablo She watch too much Narcos She think I'm the Narcos I buy till the bar close I hit Neiman Marcus Fuck a Wells Fargo It's stacks in my cargos Griselda Blanco, she got the donk though Whippin' that foreign like it's the Bronco I'm on the highway like I caught a body You know where I come from my nigga I am from the iron jungle my nigga I done seen the lions rumble my nigga Listen up you Brian Gumbel ass niggas Young OG is back to humble you niggas Plug
😈😈😈 | @myfabolouslife more life celebration 🍾🍾🍾 @draislv what a time to be alive
"Streets Raised Me" (Street Banger) Produced by Track PROS ➡️ #BuyThisBeat!!! 💰 Link In Bio 👀 👉 @trackpros 🔥 #Fabulous #TrackPROS 🎧
Cover skit...om pra mah pood #loso #ompramahpood #acoustic @md_h_n_fee_
“Baby you Autumn time COOL, if they don’t see ya beauty Phuck all them blind fools” #loso #catchavibe . Fit @zykwanza 👚 . Hair @eevirginhair 💆🏾‍♀️ . MUA @proartistry_nc 💄