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The same dress her mom wore when she was a little girl 💕 #laurawillsphotography #lwpfamilies
Happy (one day late because I was traveling) first wedding anniversary to Wally + Courtney! I have loved seeing how their relationship has continued to grow + strengthen over the last year. Wishing them many, many more years of growth + love ❤️
Spent last Monday with my girl Shawn from Honey Lens shooting her doing some magic behind the scenes & some pretty new headshots 🙌🏻💕⠀ ⠀ The one thing I love the most about this girl is her dedication to what she loves, go check her out!
Life comes atcha kids, don't forget to capture the beautiful moments🌙
"The tears that I have shed by day give relief and wash away the memory of the night before. I wonder if I'll suffer more."
Someday, when you're six feet tall, I hope I remember the way you used to fit perfectly in my lap as we watched cartoons. When your laugh is deep and booming, I hope I remember the sound of your high-pitched toddler voice squealing for joy. Long after braces have made your teeth perfect, I hope I remember that sweet little gap between your two front teeth. I hope I remember the way you sweetly ask for snacks every five minutes; how you give kisses with your mouth open and your tongue out; that you'd rather pick up rocks than play on the toys at the park. I've never worried about whether I would remember the big milestones like your first words or the first time you took a step; instead, I cling desperately to the memory of these simple, everyday reminders that your babyhood is fleeing before my eyes.
Wow! Everything about this is amazing!!! Photo by @paytonmarie1833 ❤️
I kinda like this sneaky red-ish theme I got going on. I might stick with it. My main account is all over the place right now, but I don't seem to care. I don't like the limitation.
Hug me softly from behind
nuno & peta soaking up dem golden rays 🔥🔥 // after a bit of a social media hiatus, I'm back in action. Prepare your feeds.
baby steps
Happy the #SolarEclipse only happens once in a lifetime. The lighting from the sun is too precious to hide 🌞