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This weekend, we will be at Vegfest in London. If you are planning on going, please stop by the Animal Justice Project stand and say hello to the team. We’ll have lots of leaflets for you to distribute, plus t shirts and other merchandise. Look forward to seeing you! 😀💚 Find out more about VegFest by visiting the event page. VISIT: www.facebook.com/events/977041935755934/ www.animaljusticeproject.com PHOTOS: EM Wilson #animaljusticeproject #vegan #vegfest #vegfest2017 #vegfestuk #animalrights #nonprofit #againstanimaltesting #vegancommunity #vegansofinstagram #london #londonolympia #londonvegan #veganfestival @vegfestuk
Following in the vevolution footsteps of other restaurant chains like @pretamangeruk and @wagamama_uk , comes @nandosuk launch of their 2 new veggie burgers: 🍔 Supergreen's and Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash🍠 Sounds #yummy 😋 #londonvegan #nandosuk #nandos #poweredbyplants #veganism #veganism #plantbaseddiet #plantlove #plantbased #plantpower #nandosvegan #meatfree #animallovers #crueltyfree #vegansofig #vegansofldn #veganburger #vevolution
Another day, another #octoberhealthybreakfast ☺️ —�keep sending @desires_of_the_foodaholics your entries we ❤️them! . Today I went for a Berry 💟 Smoothie (see post a few back for RECIPE) with all the health boosting ingredients: . *amla - a powerful antioxidant . *soaked hemp seeds, rich in essential fatty acids and fibre . *flaxseed - fibre and full of anti-cancer properties . & topped with #organic berries —which of course are an amazing superfood —�chockful of disease fighting antioxidants! . *steamed sweet potato 🍠which are an excellent source of vitamin A, along with B & C and fibre too! . ❣️ALSO a special mention goes to the spice *CINNAMON—helps regulate blood sugar —NOW this is a warming spice which I’m excited to speak about in the Stoking your Digestive Fire with Warming Raw Foods and Spices event coming up in the 7th of November! 💛 (see bio for discount code and tickets 👆🏼) #stokingyourdigestivefire . Now speaking of the event, I’m excited to report that I’ll be GOING LIVE tonight around ((( 7:15 pm GMT)))with my partner Paul so you can learn all about what we’ll be speaking on! We look forward to seeing you there! 😊HAVE a fab day! 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Do we all agree that breakfast is the best meal of the day? 🙈Blueberry yogurt topped with peanut butter, cacao nibs, banana and trail mix! #vegan #veganbreakfast #veganbowl
I was gifted these @zmianyzmiany Polish snack bars from a customer and I loved them! The 2 at the top are more for kids....I hid at one corner of the sofa and ate them both! My son wasn't in the room at the time so technically there was no 'kid' to give it too 😂😂😂 I've no idea if you can get them over here but I so want to get a loads of the banana one it was lush!
Who fancies a nice hot chocolate on this rainy day? #hotchocolate #veganmilk #veganwhippedcream #veganmarshmallows!
Guys, remember that next Sunday I am at @organicleacommunitygrowers October Open Day. 12pm-4pm. Serving delicious vegan and locally grown food with @thefeelgoodcafe between the breaks of countless veg growing and learning activities! 😍😘 who’s coming? 🙏 link to the event is here https://www.facebook.com/events/154879948438296/?ti=icl #organic #organicveg #allotment #allotmenlife #organicfarming #foodgrowing #organiclea
Guys, remember that next Sunday we are at @organicleacommunitygrowers October Open Day. 12pm-4pm. Serving delicious vegan and locally grown food between the breaks of countless veg growing and learning activities! 😍😘 who’s coming? 🙏 link to the event is on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/154879948438296/?ti=icl
New Essential Spice with added organic superfoods on promotion offer of only £3.80. Our Essential Spice comes with the immune pumping Moringa, from an Asia tree that has many herbal benefits and is considered top for immune properties. The Dill plant is considered one of the healthiest foods around. Bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, so we put a nice handful in for you 😎 These are just two of many other ingredients added into each of our juice smoothies. All organic, all natural. See our juice range and detoxes now. www.vegishake.co.uk
My Phil Smith shampoo and conditioner were running low, and I had been eyeing up this brand for a while. I went for the scalp smoothing shampoo and the moisture boost conditioner. Will be posting my full review after a couple more uses. Anyone else tried this brand? Would love to hear your thoughts if so x
May Millions of Lamps illuminate your life with endless Joy, Prosperity, Health & Wealth forever Wishing You and Your Family and Very Happy Diwali From All of Us At NVCakes By Niru Specialists in Vegetarian Egg Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Cakes & Desserts Always ready for your personalised orders just call us #vegan #vegancake #veganfood #veganlondon #diaryfree #vegetarian #londonvegan #veganlondon #vegansofldn #eggless #vegetariancake #brownies #cakes #cookies #chocolatecake #chocolate #chocolat #cupcake #cupcakes #londonvegfest #londonvegetarian #cake #cakedecorating #cakestagram #cakedesigner #cakes #eggfree #dairyfree #glutenfreevegan #glutenfree #glutenfreecake #glutenfreevegan
(Repost) > @cleverwellness: And then @fedbywater happened and it was everything I'd imagined 😍 I've heard such good things about the food here and have wanted to try it for such a long time, there was no way I was going to let @wilso_drummer go back to Australia without eating here with me! Even just trying to decide from the menu was overwhelmingly exciting, I'm not used to having so many good options to choose from. 😍 Plus the waiter didn't help when he agreed it's a tough choice because everything is so good! 😂 I couldn't NOT have a pizza though, and a charcoal-infused base one at that. I topped mine with tomato, cashew 'cheese', broccoli, mushrooms & spicy seitan 'salami'... literally just 👏. There are no words. I was trying to eat it so slowly to make it last as long as possible 😂 Definitely recommend this place, and I'll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu.