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ljubavica u jednoj slici
Smiling at the thought of crushing the patriarchy. 💅
You are enough.
Happiness is spending some quality time with your cat 😻 #travelblogger #influencer 📷 by @vancatmeow
/10. 17 . 17/ @boylagi adalah salah satu orang yang bisa diajak ngobrol dalam segala aspek.. Mulai dari kerjaan sampe hal pribadi 😂😂😂 - Coba mention satu temen lo yang paling asik lo ajak ngobrol.. Apapun itu temanya, mau yang serius sampe obrolan gak penting!!
🐾🐾🐾 Seek out what makes your 'wagger' work 🐾🐾🐾🐾 . Day 7️⃣ of the 'Seven days of my black and white life' photo challenge. No people or explanations necessary. Just raw black and white photos of my “behind the scenes” and an invitation to a new person each day to join in the challenge. @chloedanyelle - your turn baby girl 🖤
what are you planning to be for halloween? 🎃 -alyssa @smhputazs