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CNN 방송한 2017 린덴바움 페스티벌 #CNN #lindenbaumfestival #DMZ #Peace
Choir and orchestra of the #lindenbaumfestival have arrived in Goyang, rehearsing without any break, only a couple of km away from the border to #northkorea they prepare their performance calling for dialogue and peace through music.
Music beyond borders. In spite of the war threats by #usa and #northkorea, 100 musicians of the age 13-83 are heading to the border between North and South Korea, #DMZ, to dedicate their musical talent to promoting a message of peace and dialogue. #musicforreunification, #lindenbaumfestival
Getting ready for our trip from Song-Do/Incheon to Goyang for tonight's concert of the #lindenbaumfestival. Getting closer to the border with #northkorea from which nobody knows what to expect.
So much devotion at the first #lindenbaumfestival concert! In this picture Grant Riew, one of the Harvard Students who came to Song-Do, #korea as volunteer to prepare the young students for their concert on #DMZ in which he will also participate together with around 100 musicians #playingforpeace.
First of the three concerts of the #lindenbaumfestival, in #korea a #musicforreunification project. Sujin Cho and Eunbi Han are performing "Good old geumgangsan" a traditional song about the longing for reunification. To listen to the song go on: https://youtu.be/obv0FeHfS2k
While things are getting more and more hectic and the development on a political level gets less and less predictable, #hyungjoonwon is convinced, that "the performance of the #lindenbaumfestival at #DMZ is now more important than ever" and adds "the musicians participating in this project understand the importance of the message through music, no one has cancelled so far". Then he continues his innumerable phone calls.
While tensions on a global level are increasing after the exchanges of threads between #trump and #kimjongun, the #lindenbaumfestival orchestra keeps rehearsing for the concert on #DMZ, the border between #northkorea and #southkorea planned for this Saturday. No cancellations so far from any musician nor from the parents of the many young participants, #hyungjoonwon confirms.
And here we have busy Yerim Nam, helping Hyung Joon Won to run the training week and the preparations for the concerts of the #lindenbaumfestival at #DMZ, #korea
You haven't met Hyung Joon Won yet? The founder and driving force behind #lindenbaumfestival? Here he is, always ready for a joke, I caught him in one of his very rare moments when he sits down between two urgent things. #korea, #musicforreunification, #musicforchange
Short rest between rehearsals, no musician too young to believe in change, preparation week for #lindenbaumfestival, at #DMZ, #korea, this Saturday.