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"There is nowhere you could go that i wont be with you" -Grandma 📷 ©
My hotel room view of Vegas
#selfie time 📷😜❤️
happy birthday two jonta + and happy birthday two me 😙🎉 #beyoncé #nickiminaj
Doaku hari ini: Tuhan, kuatkan keyakinanku bahwa semua yang berasal dariMu atasku karena kemurahanMu demi kebaikanku. Seamstress​ pagi. Happy adventure Gan!!! . 📌:Curug Orok(Curug Bayi), Pakenjeng, Garut. ===================== ===================== Tempat ke-2 Edisi Explore Garut. . Dipotoin sama: @yanwars21 Dieditin sama : @katnis___ . . . #travel #holidays #trip #travelgram #topliketags #travelling #traveler #travels #travelphotography #instatravel #instatraveling #travelph #travelpic #travelblogger #l4l #traveltheworld #travelblog #travelbug #likeforlike #travelphoto #traveldiaries #likesreturned #traveladdict #neverstopexploring #letsgosomewhere #jelajahgarut #garutturunankidul #jelajahnusantara #ayodolan #jarambahbandung
My oh my...
Combined Chingling (Bell Pokémon) and Ninetails to make this gijinka 🍁🎐felt too lazy to make a background in the end 😅
Não é uma falha sempre uma lição😌🤔💓
Embrace the fats in you 😂 (c) @britvasa
My lane..... 🏎
rocked 3x 🤤 • #shadechartinlondon
Fountain at #berlin plaza
Do ya love me mary jane #chrisbrown
i seriously hope you all know that you are beautiful no matter what. all i see on my home page is hatred towards yourself. how you hate the way you look. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT. NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ITS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. PLEASE 💗 @selenagomez #selenagomez
Concert tonight 👀
Alcancemos lo que tanto soñamos y amémonos sin escuchar el que dirán. Regalemos a la vida nuestros colores de amor y brillemos con la esperanza de darlo todo con el corazón , te amo infinito mi vida 🎬🍃 #GuilleyFa 💖💜
I told you all, because as of now this is MY womens division, Not that hugger freak, Not "The Boss" Me! Because No matter if I'm on Smackdown or Raw I'll always come out on top, I told you guys and I delivered, oh and Sasha? I don't know who you think you are but you're still a pathetic little nobody who clings to that 12 year old who needs to go back to whatever kindergarten class she escaped from, and bayley? This sunday at payback I'm gonna take that title from you and leave you in a pathetic heap in the middle of the Ring, because Bayley? You weren't made to be championship material, I was and I absolutely can't wait untill this sunday where I will embarrass  you infront of your hometown and all of your friends, including your pathetic father  so sweetie, Keep that title shined up and warm because this sunday that title is coming to where or rightfully belongs
La pace dei sensi! ⚫☀🦁💆🌕🚢
Green Goblin 🐲 // Porsche 997 GT3RS 💪 PC : @ivanilagan
Vos pensas que no , ellos no piensan lo mismo Ph📸 : @nenadeldesiert0
Твое лицо, когда подруга спрашивает, стоит ли? 😂😂