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This day is just ass
red velvet.
We like tah party!
Que foto maravilhosa gozei ke
| ♢ | Thinkin' bout you.
I want these shoes in purple😍
Talk to meee
betty cooper! [ #bettycooper #riverdale #omgpage ] tag her! @lilireinhart ac; i forgot? cc; me! sorry this edit is so old and ugly. 💚💚💚
it feels so damn good to let you go. I can't believe I wasted my time on you I found my people
my dms are messed up so i apologize if i don't get back to you but look, im smiling.
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So sweet 😍
Guys tomorrow I give acc a 2K! Be active (I promise)
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I want to say I don't care about my theme anymore but I'm constantly deleting things and I don't know what to do about it but oh well its not the end of the world,, but I will try to be happier and back to the old me tomorrow and try and be just the slightest less depressing if I can try,, but I just can't help it but I've had enough of being sad and it's getting me no where and no one wants a sad kiddo laying around right??
lay your head down.
; I want a cute model. I think my model now is cute, but like- I want an even cuter model. ya feel? #openrp
She said that We can Still be friends But I think She meant that We can be the Kind of strangers that share Silent memories and a Passing smile once a while. Sc- @_anikabansal 👅🔥 @gurleen_ahluwalia 💕
Berawal dengan kata Cinta dan Berakhir dengan kata Kenangan💨💦 . . #like #like4like #likeforlike #likeforfollow #love #lovequotes #l #likers #likerecent
im really into indie music rn
Purbasari matte lipstick,, syukaa bgd bgd bgd sama texture nya yg creamy abizz.. Dan warnanya itu loh 😍😍 Btw aku beli lisptik matte purbasari @purbasarimakeupid @purbasari_indonesia ini dari @dandanneeds pelayanannya cepet dan ownernya baek bingit 😘 Oiia antingnya thankyou kesayangan @_tmaa Sering2 aje yes shayy.. 😂😘 . . #lovemakeup #makeupaddict #lipstickaddict #lipstick #love #instagood #instagram #indobeautygram #indonesiangirl #javanese #likeforfollow #likeforfollowers #likeforlike #likesforlikes #lfl #liker #likerecent
repost orz
Aqsar asa guman hota hai K wo nazar chupky chupky dakh rahi ho jasay
I don't know how to caption anything unless it's about Cami...
Home from school now! I have the worst period pains ugh 😫❤
:: Isi kepalaku rusak di serang pesonamu. Awalnya hanya menyerang ingatan, akhirnya jatuh hati padamu sedang aku lakukan. ::
little rant cause I can't fucking handle it anymore. SO my friend has a crush on this guy, let's say his name is key. so at first I thought key was pretty cool and yeah he was sort of attractive, but I didn't like him like that. My friend really likes this guy and he found out she did. He didn't do anything and literally the next day he hit her in the head with a basketball while we were all playing and he didn't even say sorry or check up on her. Fast forward a bit and now me and my other friend are victims. They were throwing the football in the gym and he was all the way on the other side. He threw the football and it hit the back of my head so fucking hard that it even hit my friend. I had to leave early and go to the doctor to check it. As I was sitting down trying not to cry he went up to me and said, “Hey I'm sorry girl.” LIKE BITCH YOU KNOW MY NAME, YOU'VE SAID IT BEFORE. I didn't want to see him but then he held out his fist and I fist bumped him because I didn't want to be mean and left. NOW THIS WAS JUST AH. we were in the field playing Frisbee and he thought it was a funny and smart idea to throw his sweater in the air to stop it. He always missed and I was fed up. He threw it another time and it was gonna fall on me so I moved and made a disgusted face. He grabbed the sweater which was next to me and said, “Damn chill. I'm not a fuckboy.” and left. Okay so I can do some weird shit with my feet and I guess he noticed so as our P.E teacher was giving instructions he would stand next to me and 'try' to do it and said “how do you do that?” and I just shrug and leave to the other side. He then somehow is behind me with his group of friends and yells out, “Hey you! Girl! I forgot your name. Girl!” as he was pointing at me so i just ignored him. This has been happening for 4 weeks! He knows who I fucking am! We were in the same bus every Tuesday and Thursday when we had away games for soccer and basketball! He even knew my jersey number. One time when we were in the bus he screamed out, "When it's boys basketball, I call number 3!” and I had number 44. A couple weeks later, it was time for the boys to pick their jersey's and he got mine. HELP ME
hi people. i'm pretty lazy so i couldn't keep gaining and getting likes all that shit, so I"ll just post my official post when I have a lot of time. in the meanwhile, you should talk to me bc i'm new and i have no friends :))
Moodz.jaayy- #likerecent -t💞
I made this, but I never planned to post it :) (Happymerrells is my twitter username)
Ultimando Detalles ❤💘😍 #missuniversevirtual #Misscolombiavote