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• Good morning! So i'm gonna pick up a new phone for my dad today, and i'm probably gonna stay off of working out for a little bit (3 days) just because i need to study and about what happened before, so i MIGHT be on a lil bit more than before (started watching more Bálor recently, kinda like the guy more now than i used to do) by the way, i love Eli so much fnsjsjdjdjsj
Sorry i was so inactive but i was traveling - @chaohtic
first post 🌲 like and comment an emoji for return ♨️
I need to do my hw today 😩😭
Morning babes
"Stammi vicino da togliermi il fiato stanotte stammi vicino quando tutti diranno di stare lontano da me che queste braccia sono così stanche, stanche di respingerti ora che queste braccia ti stanno aspettando ancora" 💞
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E Perrino? 👨🏻‍🎓🎉🎉
In the middle of nowhere
Good morning or good afternoon (depends on where you live) ❤️
I have demons running round in my head
This is so cute omg 😂😍 - thanks for 2 k followers ♡♡
Another early morning!!!!