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The official sign is up and tonight at 7PM (dusk) the lights will go on! What a thrill to be part of the inaugural season at @garrymarshalltheatre See you at tonight's preview! Xoxo . . . . . #garrymarshalltheatre #innauguralseason #lightitup #masterclass #makingart #makinghistory #atributetoawonderfulman #actorlife #actress #singerlife #operasingersofinstagram #opera #theatre #weopentomorrow #eeeeek
"Light It Up" by Hot Water Music Song: Show Your Face I've had a lot of very anticipated albums come out this year, but this one takes the cake.  My first real introduction to Hot Water Music was their last album, 2012's "Exister". In the 5 years since then, these post-hardcore/punk veterans have become top-tier favorites of mine.  There's something about their music that can turn you into a life-long fan within a single album's runtime.  Perhaps it is the unparalleled charisma of co-frontman Chuck Ragan, or the pure embodiment of camaraderie that the band is able to achieve with the use of a few instruments and a couple of gruff-as-hell voices.  Either way, no matter what comes from the HWM camp, it will always be special.  That leads us to now with "Light It Up", the first Hot Water Music album that I've truly had the opportunity to look forward to.  I'll just get right into it.  I love this album.  Admittedly, it took a few listens for me to really get into it, but there's a good reason for that.  With their past couple of albums, especially "Exister", Hot Water Music began to incorporate a much more southern-influenced rock sound.  I had predicted that "Light It Up" could go one of two ways:  they could continue down this path, or they go back to their old, gritty, post-hardcore roots.  What took me a couple listens to realize was that they really did neither. (Review continued in comments)
Light it up #Thatsmebytheway .. Mkujtohet kur ja kom nis jom kon veq ni djal i vogel qe e ka dasht muziken e nxerrem spotin e par qe u bo hit tuj i falenderu publikes, i kom pas veq 15 vjet fillimet e mia amo prap tekstet i shkrujsha vet i kom pas qellimet e mija.. I remember when I started maspari faleminderit per perkrahjen ju jeni ata qe em mani fansat e mi. Po du mju falenderu se asnjeher sju kom harru ka me kon per juve deri sa ju jeni per mu.. #lightitup 🖤 I love every single word of this song #myfavsong #teamkapo #kapo #capitalt #truekapo #authenticent #trimademi #ta
Just give me the light 😧😧🍁💨💨💨 #seanpaul #passthatshit #lightitup #theobservatory #itwaslit
Take us to where we need to go 🚀 #lightitup 🔥 #hightimes
Hold the light up in the dark- Join me for a concert ride honoring the innumerable sounds and musical movements that have inspired me and still inspire me every day to push past my limits, to be the best athlete I can be. Saturday 8:30am, come see/come be in my atmosphere. I'm ready for you #kaskade #dopestdjs ---------------------------------------------------------- Also, CALLING ALL BOSS BABES. My bestie @lauren_stevis and I will be closing down the studio Friday night the only way we know how-- with bass & booze (what else is new). Catch her hype ride at 6pm, drink with us, then we're rolling up squad deep to World of Beer. All are welcome!! Welcomed? Is it welcomed? I never know, aye can't win 'em all right...but you get it, just come!!!👯👯🍻🍺🍾🥂
Today is Different. Today I woke up, opened my blinds, enjoyed the weather while hearing the beautiful sound of her voice. 🌻❤ I don't feel sad anymore. I woke up, wanting to live. I don't feel dead anymore. I feel alive. I'm thankful and blessed for everything I have. My life is different, and I love this change. I'm still a working on myself, but I love where I'm at. Im Happy. 👑 #GoodAfternoon #Change #AlwaysBetter #BrandNew #FlipMode #FuckWithMe #onmyownshit #RealOne #LoveMe #HateMe #IDGAF #Happy #Mama #weshouldchill #Weshouldsmoke #RollOneUp #LightItUp #Losangeles #chillin #fadedaf #letssgethigh #marijuanamania #marijuana #cannabis #pothead #imcute