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Rainy November day. But there‘s still a light, inside me. Now. Always. It shines so brighr and clear. I just have to be aware of it. 💡❤️ . . . #rainyday #november #lightinme #lightinyou #now #always #shining #bright #clear #awareness #hope
В конце этой жизни, в последний час этого последнего дня все придёт лишь к одному-кем мы стали. Какой вклад мы внесли,чтобы реализовать свои способности и пробудить искру в других людях. Научились ли мы превращать боль в силу?Научились ли мы трансформировать свои страхи в веру? Использовали ли мы свой потенциал с которым родились? И дело не только в том какие хорошие поступки мы совершили по отношении к своим близким, но что ещё мы сделали, чтобы сделать мир лучше. Самая важная жизненная цель расти и делать что то грандиозное со своей жизнью.
Light 💡 in you. #beautiful #sunset #sunlight
JOURNEY TO LOVE FOR YOURSELF Leaves has fallen, making space that old can be replaced with new. Nature is preparing for a rest, to regenerate itself in quiet and stillness. It seems like everything has come to an end, like it is all over. But that is only an illusion. • • • She is resting, patiently, knowing everything needs its time. Enjoying the moment, nourishing herself, because there is where her power is. In the present moment. And when the time comes, she is ready, ready to rise up, to bloom in all its beauty. • • • She is the mother godess, she knows its worth and she is not afraid to show her power. Gentle but strong, when the time comes she doesn't ask, she acts, because she knows it is right. She is what she is and she loves herself the way she is. • • • Be like her, be the godess, shine that light and don't be affraid. Everything in life changes, people come and go, but what it is meant for you will find you. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Don't rush things enjoy the ride. Take all the time you need and enjoy the moment. • • • Because this is where your power lies. In the now. What you plant today you will harvest in the future. Make sure you only plant good seeds, nourish them with love and watch them grow. Be patient, everything needs its time. And when the time comes be ready. • • • #loveyourselffirst #bekindtoyourself #betheloveyouseek #stillness #lovemyplanet #lightinyou #twinflameunion #journeytolove #findyourpath #hearyoursoul #healyoursoul #healyourheart
The light in me acknowledges the light in each and everyone of you! 🙌💕
#lukeskywalker #skywalker #starwars #josephcampbell #herosjourney #adversity #hero #faust #yoga #namaste #lightinme #lightinyou life is an adventure what journey are you having? Whom do you want to go back? Whom are you intending to save?
The light in me honors the light in you ✨🙏🖤 trick or treat 🎃 Happy Halloween!
Namaste 🙏 . . Stay safe this Halloween 👻🎃