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Just loved this family session so much 📸
Little lifeguard 🐟 138/365
these are the kind of images that make me feel like I've done a darn good job of capturing my families in a way that is unique to them. one day i think haddie will treasure this photo with her mom on their double bike in front of their childhood home:) #meaningfulportraits
why be moody when you can shake yo booty
Another session with the beautiful Zafrin. This woman's beauty is inside and out!
I got to do my got damn thang!! 🤓💁🏽‍♂️💪🏽. #aphotothatfitz #iphoneshot #fitz #fyourcamera #intheZONEwetrust #smile
So much love for their auntie Lolo 🖤 137/365
It's been a while and I figured intro Friday was long overdue. So here I am, yoga pants and my kiddos, trusty white hat and flip flops as shoes are a no go throughout the summer! I want you to answer me something. With only 3 seconds to think about it - what is your most favourite image and why? I started curating (ok ...obsessively collecting) photographs on Instagram (sadly late to the game as I only really figured this out less than 6 months ago) with the intention of having captured something with my camera every day for a year. I know that one image can conjure up everything. This is me with my two amazing kiddo's - you don't see the crazy dogs in the background running in and out of the river, my youngest desperately trying to skip rocks, or the shinning for more gummy bears nor do you feel the heat of the sun - finally after such a long winter! But this picture - shot by a dear friend transports me back. So....tell me, of an image that you have that transports you back! I wanna know.....
how long do we have before our kids stop listening to us? 😢 #treasuredmoments
Tribal 👯 #damoneaxdanaphotography www.genuinelydae.com
It's better to look up.
Four smiles but the same photographer,the same passion, the same love ❤️❤️ . I like what i do i do what i like. Enjoy your weekend. #smile #portrait #happy #fun #naturallights #nikon #nikonbelgium #streetphotography #lifestyle #lifestylephotographer #lifestylephotography #sergekphoto
Empty beach showers
Good night my friends ✨
Grad season and summer is just around the bend! Always so many feels with the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. I am so excited to get creative with my grads! 🤗 #fbf #flashbackfriday #friday
May they always know the joy that comes from digging your hands in the earth and watching things grow 🌳142/365 #jacksondace #cole_jennings
Summer bumpin 🌈 #31weekspregnant
When the details just WORK together to create magic ✨
Hanging out with this family tonight was the BEST way to end my week!
Talonda, my childhood best friend, like going back to kindergarten, trusts me time and time again to capture her sweet and growing family.. the Ashley family truly give me #lifestyledocumentary vibes✨it's such a joy to see the individual , fun personalities of all of kids and just to catch up on lifetime memories!
우리 막내... 주말 동안 잘쉬어라!! 다음주 달려야된다!!
It's national burger day tomorrow so I decided to make my own super spicy marinated Karaage style chicken burger with a siracha mayo!! #junsawaphotography #cookathome #homemadeburger
It has been so crazy this past month professionally and personally. It's a great thing and I wouldn't want it any other way. Clients thank you for being so patient for your gallery. I could not have the work life balance that I do without my amazing film lab @photovisionprints! Yes I call them more than I should, and yes I'm always a little difficult, but MAN y'all are outstanding, rushing orders for me, answering emails and phone calls within minutes I can go on! I could not be where I am with my brand, esthetic and work without y'all! Thank you thank you for being in my corner! Btw if you don't know bougainville are my JAM!! Film scanned by @photovisionprints #pentax645nii #fuji400 #ishootfujifilm @fujifilm_profilm #savanphotography #bougainvilla
Beautiful bouquet to brighten up our weekend, courtesy of @shopqos. #maynemarketing
Mommy and me moments are the best✨ soooo excited to have emailed my last #smarchephotoannualminisessions gallery! Finishing up shooting the last of the minis for this month... I truly love capturing every moment!
Seven years ago this week (2010), I was sitting in Northern Ireland and a couple friends ( @brittneychesher & @victoriaanne88) convinced me to start a blog. None of us knew it at the time, but that moment changed my life. ❤ Fast forward to this week (again) 2016. I had one week left of work before my last day because I quit to do Oak + Oats full time. ☀ Now I sit here on the anniversary of so many milestones and I'm blown away. How is this my life?! It is hard. It is so hard. I probably work more than I would at any job and my emotions are way invested in it all BUT it is so worth it. 🙌 What's next? Trusting Jesus that slow growth is still growth (so encouraged by @laracasey this week) and making intentional steps toward growth. The big dreams include a studio & a team and the smaller dreams include revamping my photography & consulting offerings. ✌ Thanks for being here - whether from the beginnings or just recently - I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. And now I'll stop this long post before I start crying 😉... but really! 😂😂😭😭 #jkinstachallenge What are your goals? What are you working towards? 👇👇👇
Evening shoots with that low light are my faaaaves. 🙌🏻🌞
такси подъехало
Be you. "He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away" Took some photos for a super cute clothing line. I'm loving all their fun summer stuff. 😍 #mukkapparel @mukkapparel
Creek hangs. 🌲🌊
Uh oh. Kitty got into the doctors bag
Солнечных, ярких выходных #lifestylephotographer #irinamarinevich
explorin' some plants and stuff 🌿🌵🌱
"You hold my every moment, you calm my raging seas." ~{unknown} Pretty sure I need to hang this quote in my home. I love this one and makes me think of being a mommy to my 3 boys in today's world.
When you don't want to fell left out... The kids wanted pizza for dinner so mommy made a healthy pizza too!
Happy Friday friends. It's been a while since I've don't a #fridayintroductions so I thought I'd join in today. I am a working mom, I not only do photography on the side, but I'm also a software engineer and I LOVE it! This is my girl and this is what I learned this week being a working parent. I had the privilege to head over to Hannah’s school on Thursday and capture some fun moments with her and some of her friends…. Truth be told, I almost didn’t; this week has been tough, I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for an issue at work that has had me feeling stressed and frustrated and I still did not have the solution. However, when I heard Hannah say to her friends “That is my MOM!” It made my heart melt and hurt all at the same time, because I almost missed it. It reminded me how important it is to be present. I am so blessed and thankful to be able to have a flexible job which allows me to capture these precious moments when she WANTS to be around me. I pray that God will give me the eyes to see these opportunities so I don’t miss them again.
These guys are just chillin' in their new home, reminiscing Italy and and taking in the vibe of their new surroundings. Cheers to that!
Family squeeze on the steps of their new home. What a moment to treasure. The kids are such fun ages and all I see is love. Im happy this family let me capture some moments in the first days in their new home.
Vintage and Classic go together so effortlessly✨ ✨✨ When the homie lets you use his old school for a prop! My homies are the best!! Be sure to check out the new items in my fave thrift store and client Maven Haus "Where Fashion Meets Funktion" www.maven.haus Curated by @IndYahRashaud The Thrift Maven. My homies always come through with the props! #MavenHausThrift * * * * Model @leefeelgood Styled by @indyahrashaud Nae Behind the Lens 📷📷📷 #canon #portraitphotography #bgwac #canonphotography #blackphotographer #photographer #femalephotographer #blackphotographer #gulfcoastphotographer #lifestylephotography #lifestylephotographer #naturalhair #melaninpoppin #melaninonfleek #blackgirlmagic #alabamaphotographer #melanin #blackisbeautiful #blackexcellence #blkcreatives #naebehindthelens #vintagestyle #vintagefashion
This family wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate their new home, even despite the wet paint! I loved spending time with them as they chilled out and enjoyed living in their new space. With a pool no less.
It's weekend time, and all of us are ready to sleep in! (And by sleep in, I mean wake up past 8a) I have a few shoots this weekend but other than that it's going to be some QT with these QT-ies! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! #grandrapids #lifestylephotographer #familyphotography #themittentog #themittentogstudios #fredrickmeijergardens #memorialdayweekend #michiganphotographer
I left like time stood still all week but that really means I was just over thinking everything that i lost track of time #time #lifestylephotographer #selfie #instadaily #thestory #mytime #mylife
Throw back to last fall. Loved working with this family! 😍
Two things: 1) It's almost June. How wild. 2) I adore these amazing people.
Renee and Mike met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off. Those friends should start a match making business because they scored an A+ on this couple. Renee's bubbly personality is the perfect complement to Mike's cool demeanor.
This girl brings so much joy and laughter. 😊
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