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My name is Garance Vallée, I live in Paris, I’m 23 years old and currently finishing my Master's degree in architecture. I’m pursuing a specialization in scenography to work on smaller scale architecture.  I grew up in the painting studio of my father Kriki and my mother’s artistic literary world, between paintings and punk music. My parents are my first sources of inspiration and I owe them my open mindedness, they’re the ones who shaped my artistic eye.
@royalgarance | My love of the straight line results unmistakably in my fathers hand. My parents raised us, my brother and I, in this arty lifestyle. My mother, who studied art history made me work on my creativity as much as she could, teaching me to have a thirst for knowledge which has a big part in my creative work today. I’ve always been drawing and building little objects, but I’ve only been showing my work for one year. Passionate about contemporary art, design and architecture, my current inspiration comes from modernism and the young talents of the Avant Garde of today. I love working with a lot of different materials, I like feeling them, modelling, having a real contact with the textures that I use. What excites me most is bringing my drawings to life, to go from 2D to 3D. My drawings are very geometric, probably inspired from my father’s love for straight lines, and my architecture studies. But from time to time I like adding curves through a feminine figure that represents the women in my life. To me, drawing is like a step towards object design, that’s how I currently consider it. As if everything I drew was destined to be built someday.
@royalgarance | Everything is a creation; walking, eating, talking, and even being. Even if you’re not practicing any art, the way you see things, the way you pay attention to everything is what defines you. When you start to see things around you, you get more attentive and sensitive. I can’t help but writing or scribbling down something really quickly when an idea comes to my mind. I go to some places because I like their ambience, their architecture, and the way they inspire me, even music or clothes are a source of inspiration. It’s a whole, an everyday lifestyle. It creates your own artist personality. I’m a very romantic person in my everyday life, so I like to show it in my work so people can feel it too.
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Is anyone else excited to start uni soon ?! ✨. New blogpost about going to uni and moving out will be coming tomorrow ! 😊
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After helping so many of her clients with their relocations, long-time Bushari agent @dianeelainere is moving to Fort Lauderdale. Diane, thank you for everything you’ve done! We’ll miss you and wish you all of the sunshine and blue skies. And, #congratulations to @douglasellimansouthflorida for their fantastic new team member. 💜☀️
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