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Girls these days are more proud to say, "I'm engaged!" than to say, "I got that promotion" or, "I launched a new [...] today" or, "I made $$$ in sales this week." It's obvious why. Marriage is still viewed as the ultimate accomplishment in western society. Legally agreeing to share your life with someone trumps pursuing your own dreams. If you're not engaged or married you're failing miserably at life and therefore are miserable and will continue to be miserable until you give up your independence, sacrifice your individuality, and become obligated to share your bed, your whereabouts, your feelings, your thoughts, every piece of you until death does you part. Or at least until one of your (or both of you) realize how foolishly idealogical you were to agree to the terms of an ancient institution and agree to get a divorce...which is a death in itself that's probably more destructive and painful than actual death would be. There is no true success without marriage in the eyes of society. But when marriage these days is fundamentally built on love...and love happens when you meet the person who makes you feel magic...and meeting this person is built on chance, a circumstance of pure luck...is there really any success in that at all? We can't control meeting someone and falling for them...because if we could everybody would have done it already. Yet newlyweds are congratulated at the wedding, envied, marveled at before they've put in any work, before anything is accomplished. But the single girl with her fresh doctorate gets slammed with: "Nice. So, are you dating anyone special???"
Setiap langkah akan membawa diri kita pada dua tempat tujuan akhir: surga atau neraka. . . #quoteoftheday #renungan #wise #wordporn #MyShopEnvicase #outfitoftheday #fotd #shoe #sport #Streetphotography #instanom #style #lifequote #lifestyleblogger
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_ Morning ☀️ . Your life does not get better by chance , it gets better by CHANGE . . _ #gm #photo #data #pictorial #busydays #lifequote #camera #photoshoot #offtodancepractice
"but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me SOME credit!" #anneshirley #wordwednesday #lifequote #butforrealyall
'Unexpected' things that can cause illnesses within your home is the cleaning products you use. A lot of these harsh store-bought products contain chemicals that aren't supposed to be inhaled by humans, especially in large amounts. The chemicals that you think are cleaning your environment are actually just lingering and getting deep into your body through touch and breathing. There's been evidence showing that cleaning products have caused major illnesses, even cancer. Please! Be careful with the choice in products you use especially if you have children. Research this info for yourself. Switch to natural cleaning products. Start taking care of yourself and your environment naturally. - Brooke | #balancewithstage⠀#WorldlyWednesday #environmentalwellness
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😑For real tho!! When you are in your lane, you don't have time to see what anyone else is doing or even compare yourself to someone else. (Ok that last part we will talk about that real soon Queen) • But stay focused on the assignment and drink some water. And keep your hair hydrated and don't pull on your edges too hard. We need those. 💁🏾 • Make sure to check out our Facebook group!! The link is in the bio! This group of women is phenomenal and honest discussions are encouraged! In need of deep online connections? Get in this group Queen! #lifecoach #rebelagainst #rebelqueenreloaded