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The difference between PSTN systems and VoIP. ☎️ The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) uses circuit-switched telephony between two points for the duration of a call. In contrast, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses packet-switched telephony. - - Both are the ways of Communications Both can be made by wires/wireless. Both are capable for two way traffic of signals. - - Ultimately landline telephones will be/are a thing of the past.📟One of the best upcycles I've see for the phone booths so far has been charging stations🔌 - - When was the last time you used a land line? - - #desksetup #technology #learntocode #coding #programmer #programming #nerd #geek #productivity #marketingtools #entrepreneur #startuplife #analytical #datalife #techie #startuptips #lifehacks #youtuber #youtubechannel #lifehacker #lifehacking #learningisfun #setupgoals #desktopstorage #innovation #siliconvalley #computerscience #encryption #telephonebooth #telephones
Anybody hitting the beach or the lake this weekend?  Here's a handy tip you might want to put to use! Put your valuables in a rolled up diaper. Nobody will steal a dirty diaper! Just make sure a well-meaning friend doesn’t throw it away. 😉 http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/20-creative-summertime-hacks
How to Train the Mind Through Positive Reinforcement -- (Available Now) — 🌲🌲🗿 LINK IN BIO 🗿🌲🌲
How-2: Become a Published Author💪 . 1 - Write something. (preferably worth reading) . 2 - Clean it up, edit, format. (someone on fiverr or a friend can help) . 2 - Get a cover made on fiverr.com ($20) . 3 - Upload text and cover to createspace.com (Amazon's self publishing platform) . 4 - BOOM!... You're a published author! . (Your book is now for sale as an Amazon prime item and available on Kindle. Amazon prints books to order and fulfills all orders, you do nothing, each month you get a portion of the books sales). . . . .
🐾🐾 Русский ниже 😵 Who does not interfere with dog hair? . 😉 The one who has a bald dog ;-) 🐶A dog is not only a true friend, it is also a great responsibility. And trouble with the dog a lot, even with the smallest. 🐕Comb your dog regularly. This will greatly facilitate your further care of the house. If the apartment is hot and dry, any animals molt in it much more intensively. It is worthwhile with constant frequency to dust carpets and furniture, wipe the floor with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter that will help moisten the air and get rid of annoying wool. . 🐶And also for removing wool from furniture, stairs and other hard surfaces, you can use a rubber scraper. 🐕If you do not have a special sticky roller at your fingertips to clean dust and wool from your clothes, use rubber gloves. They will collect the wool of your dog. 🐩Another way: take a pumice stone, a bucket of water, and walk a softly damp pumice over the carpeting, and see a good result. 🙌💪😁👍In general, to get rid of wool you do not have to be lazy, and give 10 minutes to your pet every day. . .These same tips will be useful to you if any other shaggy pet lives in your house 🐱🐒🦁🐰 . ❓❓ How do you deal with the pet hair of the house, tell it? . 😵Кому не мешает собачья шерсть? .😉 Тому, у кого лысая собака ;-) . Собака это не только верный друг, это еще и большая ответственность. И хлопот с собакой немало, даже с самой маленькой. 🐶Вычесывайте свою собачку постоянно. Это сильно облегчит вам дальнейшей уход за домом. 🐶Если в квартире жарко и сухо, любые животные линяют в ней намного интенсивнее. 🐕Стоит с постоянной периодичностью пылесить ковры и мебель, протирать пол влажной тряпкой или использовать пылесос с аквафильтром, который поможет увлажнить воздух и избавиться от надоедливой шерсти. 🐕А также для удаления шерсти с мебели, лестниц и других твердых поверхностей вам может пригодиться резиновый скребок. 🐶Если под рукой нет специального липкого валика для уборки пыли и шерсти с одежды, воспользуйтесь резиновыми перчатками. Они соберут на себя шерсть вашей собаки. ⤵⤵⤵ Продолжение в комментариях ⤵ ⤵⤵
Blij met m'n nieuwe bankpas van Bunq. Met de (super overzichtelijke) app kun je je rekening splitsen in diverse potjes. Vervolgens kies je per pinbetaling uit welk potje het geld wordt betaald. Gewoon in de app even bankpas aan het juiste potje koppelen. Echt zo handig! (Bunq, bank of the free. www.bunq.com)
Elon Musk said on Twitter that he received “verbal government approval” to build an underground Hyperloop transit network connecting New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC, with stops connecting each city center, and a dozen more entry or exit elevators located within each city. The project would be run through The Boring Company, Musk’s tunneling venture, which has already begun test digging near SpaceX HQ in California.
💌 You think I'm going to wait until I'm Tony Robbinsss to come through with these messages/videos/content? No. ✨ Why do we sometimes feel we're not qualified enough to OWWWN our message fully, and unapologetically share it / decide to change people's lives with it from now....today. • Not when you're more "legit and qualified", now. • As long as you know more than your audience - you are qualified to share your message and you are enough of an expert to change someone's life. ✨ Sometimes we look at these "GURUS" and get too caught up in the idea of " I'm not at that level 10 yet" - so let me wait until then. "didn't reach the 10,000 hr rule - so am I fraud?" • No! Let's say you're at level 5: There are people at level 1,2,3,4 who need you , 🔥 they need your voice , your teachings, your story and your experiences. • Chile even if you at level 2. There someone At level 1 or even 0 who freaking needs you ☝🏽. • And they may gravitate to you much more than the person at level 10 and therefore be more open to buying with you then the other person. • Lord knows how long it took me to share these fiercer woman files which is silly because these are things I have applied to and changed my life with. But here I was like "lemme wait until I'm on the level of Lisa Nichols or Iyanla.." Girl bye 🤦🏽‍♀️. • So next time you get fall into that imposter syndrome crap - remember that you're too focused on you and your own inner bs - instead of the people who need you to step up and share your message. • Don't be selfish 👀 *side eye* We need you to come throuuuugh and OWN what you know. • Yes yes? • So that masterclass you got in mind, rock it with what you know. That event you have in mind - rock it with what you know. That YouTube channel you want to start - rock it with what you know. That post you want to make - rock it what you know. That (any)thing you been putting off to create and put out there - rock it with what you know. • You are enough. • You are qualified. • You are ready. • You are someone to learn from - now. • • 📂 #FiercerWomanFiles - FILE/EP. 05 (click hashtag to view more episodes) 🗄 • #shareyourmessage #infopreneur #shareyourheart #youareenough #lifehacking
Habit forming 🤹‍♂️Researchers from @universitycollegelondon examined the new habits of 96 people over 12 weeks, and found that the average time it takes for a new habit to stick is actually 66 days (roughly 2 months). Additionally, individual times varied from 18 to a massive 254 days. - - To break a habit it only takes 21 days. Using those two figures, it is 3 times easier to break a habit than to create one. I've found that using my calendar to schedule habits like going to the gym and taking vitamins helps drastically. - - What is a habit you've managed to keep for a long period? - - #habits #desksetup #technology #learntocode #coding #programmer #programming #nerd #geek #productivity #entrepreneur #startuplife #analytical #datalife #techie #startuptips #lifehacks #youtuber #youtubechannel #lifehacker #lifehacking #learningisfun #setupgoals #desktopstorage #innovation #siliconvalley #computerscience #encryption #hackers #cybersecurity
One of my least favorite parts of summer is being HOT while I’m trying to sleep! So this DIY "chillow" is right up my alley. It's a blow-up pillow that you fill with water and then chill in the refrigerator. It's pretty self explanatory, but you can click the link in my profile for the full instructions!  http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/make-your-own-chillow.html
They said only one tent allowed. So we turned two tents into one! #lifehack #lifehacking #camping #campingfun #wilderness #wildernessculture
Tag your friends that'll get satisfied 😱 Follow @lntermolecular for more Via The Backyard Scientist
Opportunity Flow is built outside of our job function. The bonus is that it's those stretch moments where we learn our true skill set. Fearlessly engage the opportunity by stretching, influencing, and fearlessly asking. #growthhacking #lifehacking #careerhacking #leadership
#tbt to our quick visit to Sedona. We loved the vibe in the area, & we are looking forward to spending more time there when winter is upon us. For now we continue exploring in the wonderful PNW, but we look back to places like this with tons of excitement for our eventual return visit! 🤗🏜 • • • • • #sedona #sedonagram #arizonacollective #arizonasbest #bevisuallyinspired #aov #alphaimages #sonyalpha #sonyimages #sonytribe #rvlife #vortex #digitalnomad #nomadic #lifehacking #lifestyledesign #liveyourdreams #fulltimetravel
New Youtube video!! I talk about 5 ways to get over a crush! Search Linda Osuntade on YouTube or click on the link in my bio...
The search for paper clips, nails and screws has finally come to an end!⚙🖇🔩 They can now be stored safely in this magnetic bowl 👍 Get this one and other sizes on https://sumag.net/ws-mtr-03-i01 🔗 . . . #supermagnete #magnets #magnetic #magnet #magnete #magnetisch #magnetfun #männerspielzeug #boytoys #mechanicslife #toysforboys #toysformen #workshop #workingmen #strongmagnet #strongmagnets #liefehacks #liefehack #heretohelp #problemsolved #lifehacking #lifehackhub #praktisch #tippsundtricks #tipps #hacks #diy #construction #constructionworker #builders