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Donald Trump wore proper safety glasses to look at the solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. today – at least at first. Near the end of his viewing, the President seems to have forgotten why he was wearing those stupid glasses to begin with, since he took them off and stared directly at the astral bodies, which is not advised as intelligent by anyone, eclipse or no eclipse. Trump’s aide even shouted “don’t look” when he made the move, but to no effect. The Commander-In-Chief removed the protective glasses and gazed upward, squinting and even pointing at the thing he was told not to look at.
Via @science_insider: Parts of the US will get to see a total solar eclipse on August 21. While the entire country will get to witness at least a partial eclipse, the lucky people who live along a 70-mile-wide streak will be able to see totality – when the moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, completely blocking out the sun's light. For those who plan to watch the total solar eclipse in person or via livestream, there are a few key stages to keep an eye out for as the moon makes its way across the sun. For more on the eclipse and how to watch it safely, visit our Instagram Stories. 📷: Rick Fienberg / TravelQuest International / Wilderness Travel
Via @science_insider: This self-healing plastic repairs itself after you cut it. . . . . .
Reinvent urban mobility. BMW Motorrad Concept Link is a smart e-scooter from the future.
HBO’s international partners and affiliates should be extra careful going forward: For the second time in a little over two weeks, one of them was responsible for the early leak of an episode before its official airing. Episode 6, which is set for its broadcast premiere this Sunday, August 20, hit torrent sites after it was aired accidentally by HBO Nordic and HBO España. HBO said a third-party vendor was responsible this time around, and this has nothing to do with the much-publicized HBO hack from the end of July.
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The DeLorean name is iconic thanks largely to Back to the Future, in which one of the original automaker's cars was turned into a time machine by 'Doc' Emmett Brown. Now, the original DeLorean founder's nephew is working on making flying cars a reality, with his own aerospace company.
Via @design__insider: Mushrooms could be your new home decor. Follow @design__insider for all things design from Tech Insider. . . . . .
Comparably has come out with a ranking of the top 10 tech companies for people of color, as well as the top 10 for women. Comparably’s gender score is based on how female employees rate their experience at a respective company, while the “diversity” score is based on how employees of color rate their experience at a company. All of the ratings were collected between March 2016 and August 2017. As you may have noticed, in light of the controversial post about gender from a former Google employee, Google is missing from the top 10 list for gender.
Cruise is running an autonomous ride-hailing service for employees in SF
Our personality has significant power on how we see the world. It is our personality that makes us interpret events in very different ways. A recent study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality suggests that our openness to experience is key to changing how we see the world. The study suggests that people who are open to experience are “more likely to experience certain visual perceptions.” This is what researchers at the University of Melbourne Australia found when they studied 123 volunteers. Explaining the links between openness and creativity, the researchers write that our ability to merge the two images is “like a ‘creative’ solution to the problem presented by the two incompatible stimuli.”
Your whole wallet in One Card.
A product that began life as an April Fools joke has graduated to a real thing you can order right now: Hyperkin’s SmartBoy is an accessory for Android smartphones with a USB-C connector, and brings Game Boy-style physical controls and actual Game Boy game cartridge compatibility to the gaming device you carry with you everywhere in your pocket anyways. The Hyperkin SmartBoy is up for pre-order now, with shipments beginning on August 21. It features a familiar button configuration and color scheme for original Nintendo Game Boy fans, and even grooves on the back that will prompt some tactile nostalgia. The accessory works with the SmartBoy companion app, and also pairs well with any of the many Android emulators available on the Google Play Store.
Meteor showers during this time are nothing new. Astronomers and stargazers alike love this time of the year because spectacular light shows in the sky are not something you see every day. But this year, the show will be even more special. The show is set to happen on the 12th of August. Astronomers have shared that it will be “the brightest shower recorded in human history.” For another show of this kind, you will have to wait 96 more year.
This handheld mobile printer can print on almost any surface.
This car is fit for land and sea.
South Florida has become ground zero for sea level rise in the US. The city of Miami, with its population of 430,000, is in serious danger of evacuation by the end of this century. Despite this reality, there are still new residential and commercial buildings in construction going on. Officals are taking as many measures as possible. They have started work to fight the rise with an estimated cost of $20 billion dollars. This is to protect a risk of loss in Miami that has about $6 trillion dollar in assets.
Elon Musk took the stage last night at Tesla's Fremont factory to hand over the first 30 production Model 3 cars. This is the culmination of Part One of Musk's 'Master Plan' – creating an affordable, excellent electric vehicle with plenty of range. Read all about the event, the Model 3's specs and our first drive in the new 🚗 on TechCrunch.com.