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Still under the rhubarb spell. A very nice big cake with burnt butter and a generous amount of Scandinavian spices. And rabarber 😍 #fika #rhubarb #slowlived #slowliving #lifeandthyme
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It's a wrap. We had an amazing 5 days of sheer fun, music, good good and good rum. From left to right: culinary ambassador @cheflemaire / rum ambassador @gabrielle_panaccio / event ambassador @brunysurin / a big thank you to @ilovetotc for having us. Cheers to a wonderful event! #rum #caribbeanfestival #ChefLemaire #sensorydelights #foodnetwork #Miami
Ice cream goes straight to the heart! 🍦 Also, check out my dude sporting new @thewandertog stickers. 💕 Loyal AF
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Trying out new dishes for our July menu. This one's a winner: onion bhaji with fennel chaat and aubergine pickle!
Explore a site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta at the historic "Water Castle" called Taman Sari. This beautiful ruin was all but abandoned though, with restorative efforts, it has remained open to the public to visit and explore the beauty of a once all but forgotten site. Filled with multiple large pools, and several rooms to explore, along with a lookout over one of the pools, it is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. Its neighbourhood is also interesting to take a stroll through if you wish to see some of the local cultures, including handicraft manufacturing shops and locals just being locals in the streets! What is your favourite ruin to visit? #WSEtravel #Indonesia 📷 photo credit: @TravelwithNest
Salmon and smoked trout fishcake recipe on the blog today, complete with a #nofoodwaste meal plan. #loveyourleftovers #beautifulfood
Can we just go back and talk about this cinnamon waffle with black cherry icecream at Joe's Kitchen? It's been two weeks and I'm STILL thinking about it! (I blogged about the last week if you'd like to take a peek!) 🍨🍦🍰
Fresh strawberries and thick curd !! I love this in d summer it's the best ! #straberries #summer #love and Eid Mubarak everyone
Brunch. 🍳 ⠀ .⠀ Before @hoytskies started teaching, our weekends usually fell on the weekdays, and it was Amazing. We'd see people lined up outside Nopa or some other brunchable institution and think, SUCKAHZZz! Lines aren't usually a thing on weekdays, museums are mellow, the park is wide open and free... It's been a weird adjustment, this Monday through Friday thing. We went to the river on a Sunday and it was packed full of kids!! Ew! (Not really, ew, but ya know). ⠀ Now we're trying to plan this whole summer break thing, which sounded really good in theory (three months off! No way!), but when school's out, it's out for EVERYBODY. So basically, we're the suckers now ;)⠀ On the bright side (the sunny side up? 🐣) since everybody else has weekends off, now we can all hang right?!?!!! ⠀
When your daughter leaves you again you go out to breakfast. The @earlybirdrestaurant has good advice..."eat organic, live long, be nice." On it..
Brunch with a splash of color
I'm going to bed dreaming of the bread + butter puffing I made the other day. It's so wintery, cosy & the perfect treat to indulge over winter. Despite my cold I've tried to start this week off by getting into training, which I did, but I also ate a block of oreo milk chocolate 🙊 standard day! #runsoicaneat #anisasabetphotography #cookwiththemacadames xx • • • • • • #feedfeedprops #lightlovers #onmytable #pursuepretty #foodstyling #buzzfeedfood #slowliving #huffposttaste #yahoofood #theartofslowliving #momentslikethese #savblogawards #foodwinewomen #provinciallife #lifeandthyme #livefolk #cntraveller #basuperfoodies #liveinspiration #mycommontable #tasteintravel #tasteintravel #cratestyle #getpropped #getpropped