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1ST READING LESSON. Ashlee of Healthy Families of AZ gifted me with a book. Today is my first reading lesson. Mimi is the teacher and she has three students: Mommy, Kiwi and Didi. She uses a chopstick to point the words in my book. I’m not sure if Mimi is serious or just teasing me in the way she teaches, pronounces and uses this weird accent because my classmates are laughing. It’s only me & Kiwi who are attentive specially when she mentioned words about going to the park. I think Mimi is a funny teacher. She’s not too serious and believes that children absorb things better using humor as a method. Learning is fun! I’m enjoying looking at the shapes. I can only see things in black and white from now. In the near future, as I mature, my eye sight will develop and I can see colors. Life is better with colors. Mimi’s initial goal is to to teach me the concept of letters, numbers, shapes and colors. One at a time Mimi. Let’s progress slowly, consistently and build a good foundation for my future lessons. Can you also teach me regularly & within a prescribed schedule so I will develop a good study habit and learn discipline? I hope to build good values too! #preemiepower #preemie #lifeafternicu #nicugrad #igstory #firstlesson #babybook #family #learning #development #letters #numbers #shapes #colors #eyesight #academic #values #discipline #traestrek
Look who is getting scanned for his cranial helmet!!! Zion is!!! He is so cute!!! Can wait to customize his helmet!!!! Next week it will be here!!! #vpshunt #cranialhelmet #hydrocephalus #25weeker #lifeafternicu #newhurdles #babymodel
The happiest of places is anywhere with her by my side
MCM • Last week, we had a check-up with Evan’s surgeon. Everything looked good, so it was a quick visit. We hadn’t been there in a long while, and everyone was exclaiming how big Evan got, how tall he was. I was so happy to hear that despite the fact that he doesn’t eat, he IS growing and he IS getting bigger 🙌🏼 We also had an appointment with his GI. We formulated a new weight gain plan that we’re excited for, so I’m looking forward to seeing positive results from that.
#PejuangNicu #14HariDiNicu #GoodByeNicu #LifeAfterNicu Sudah hampir di penghujung tahun flashback saat yang paling berat ujian dalam hidupku saat itu saat yang buatku paling menegangkan saat aku harus perjalan di lorong itu lepas aku melahirkan.. lorong yang dingin dan lorong yang yang menuntun langkah kaki ini dengan lantunan doa dan tangisan air mata..lorong yang membuat saya pasrah dan ikhlas atas semua pengaturan gusti Allah k... lorong jalan menuju tempat anak ku yang kritis dan dimana anak ku saat itu sedang berjuang melawan segalanya untuk tetap hidup. Dinginnya ruang ICU dan hati yg berdebar langkah kaki selalu gemetar tidak kuat menopong badan untuk berdiri saat itu... tapi disaat itu juga Allah memberikan mukjizat memberikan kebesarannya memberikan kehebatannya tidak ada yang bisa mengalahkan kehendaknya disaat saya sudah pasrah dan ikhlas Maha besar Allah memberikan kuasanya merubah apa yang tidak mungkin bagi manusia menjadi mungkin baginya ... banyak bersyukur Allah memberikan kasih sayang bagi ananda memberikan kehidupan bagi ananda memberikan kekuatan bagi ananda memberikan kesempatan hidup bagi ananda, memberikan kesehatan bagi ananda... terima kasih ya Allah ini semua tidak akan kami lupakan. Sehat2 terus ya nak Allah selalu ada bersamamu yang akan selalu menolongmu dialah sebaik-baiknya penolong... disinilah keagungan Allah itu nyata.. kesabaran yang berbuah manis ... disaat kita di beri ujian disaat itu kita harus terus bersabar...
We got our Christmas Tree today!!! 🎄🎄🎄 So excited to decorate it tonight and then never sit down for the next 6 weeks as we helicopter parent over Lilly in an attempt to keep her from toppling the tree onto herself 😂🎄🎅🏼
Lilly decided that her cousin, Paisley, needed some more hair bling 😂 She was so proud of herself when she successfully got the bow on her ☺️😍
first fire of the season🔥
Day 19: Loud music, bright lights, and lots of commotion can be especially upsetting to premature babies. Today, Riley still doesn’t tolerate bright lights but music is great to him 🎶 #LifeAfterNICU #ProudPreemieMom #MyMicroPreemieMiracle #MyLoveBug #MillionDollarBaby Still collecting!!! Let’s Get This Ride!!! www.youcaring.com/RileyNeedsARide
🌿my kind of weekend🌿
Mentally I have been the healthiest I have been in a long time. Do not underestimate the power of good therapy, kind words, family and most importantly yourself! #ptsdrecovery #anxietyproblems #momblogger #instablog #twinmom #boymom #lifeafternicu #prematurity #mentalhealth #goodday