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My itty bitty is officially 2. It's no joke when they say it flies by. #dontblink #toddlerlife #two #lifeafternicu #preemiestrong #shemovesmountains #littlebutfierce #MaiseyLee #mysunshine #ididthisright
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🐯• Little man is going in for an upper endoscopy today. A small procedure, especially relative to what he's been through in the past, but it's still never easy to go through, especially now that he's older and more aware. Hopefully it's productive and sheds some light on why he's refusing to eat solids. In pre-op, he was smiling and giggling and curious about everything going on. I shake my head sometimes when I think about how this is not his first rodeo, and how well he takes it for a 2 year old. He is a constant inspiration for me.
Us girls have caught the back to school bug already..🐛😭 For days its been nonstop puking and runny noses, no sleep, a ridiculous amount of baths and crying from the both of us. For a brief moment at play time, we had a smile as this sick little monkey sat by herself for the first time!! 👆👑🌟🏆 . #proudmommy #mysuperhero #babysfirst #momlife #littlestlilah #preemiepower #preemiewarrior #preemiesofinstagram #rainbowbaby #nicu #nicubaby #nicugraduate #lifeafternicu #miraclesfromheaven #bornat28weeks #10monthsold #7monthsoldcorrected
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Three years ago I was struggling with hard pregnancy issues. I didn't realize it then, but there was a smattering of actual contractions with all of the Braxton Hicks I was having. Little did I know I would have my little boy in a month. We're so grateful for everyday that we get with our sweet boy since. ❤ #26weeker #preemie #micropreemie #flashback #preemiestrong #nicufamilysupport #nicugrad #lifeafternicu #highriskpregnancy #nicuawarenessmonth
It's NICU awareness month so figured I post to show people how life after birth goes for the 12% of babies who come early each year in the United States. Tinslee was born at 35.5 weeks and had a 3.5 week NICU stay at Mercy STL neonatal. I can tell you it was the hardest 3 weeks of my life. We lived at the hospital and even though justin went right back to work I stayed with her over night on a couch in her room every single night. He drove an hour and 15 minutes to come up and bring me clothes and see tinslee every morning. We learned a lot in those three and half weeks. We laughed, made friends with the nurses (we loved them all) we fought, (no one tells you how much it takes a toll on your marriage) we cried, we prayed, and most of all we watched... We watched her fight for own life each day. There's not a whole lot you can do (after skin to skin) but to watch and have patience. Every time her monitors would beep or flash my heart would drop. Tinslee showed me what real strength is. I was being selfish and crying because I couldn't take my baby home when she was literally hooked up to venelators and under a heat lamp just to keep her alive. I always knew I would love my daughter but I never knew I could love another human this much. My heart hurts when she cries, I have spoiled her to no return but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Tinslee Johnni Rose Wotring was part of the 13% . My little tiny hereo is now almost 10 months and crawling talking standing up doing everything a "normal" baby is doing. Looking at her you would never know she spend her first few weeks of life in the NICU. She is my light & I can never thank the nurses who work neonatal enough. #nicu #nicuawarenessmonth #nicugrad #nicumommy #marchofdimes #LifeOfTinslee #lifeafternicu