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Typical Libra mindset if i get something naughty and something nice on my frozen yoghurt it'll be ok #balance 😅 who else is a sucker for frozen yoghurt? I used to get a delicious coconut froyo all the time with fruit toppings when I lived in Melbourne. It's not as big of a thing in NZ but I found this bad boy at Britomart. No coconut flavor but salted caramel ( one of my vices) with cherries & caramel brownie piece was available sooo win/ win 🌟🌟🌟
Быть Весами - это ужасно 😄 Не могу выбрать цвет джемпера на одно плечо от @onmewear. А пока не выберу, не могу заказать. Так и хожу без джемпера 😂 Итак: холодный бежевый, нежный розовый или красный? ❔ #явесы #libra #choice
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November 23rd, 2017: 8 of Swords This message is for anyone who reads this post 🔮✨ Are you choosing not to see a truth? It is time to face the music. You may be caught up in an illusion regarding a significant relationship in your life. For some of you, I feel that you have met someone new recently. For others, you are already in an established, long-term relationship. I'm picking up a sense of anxiety on your part, as when I was doing this reading, I felt particularly anxious, jumpy and on edge. I'm also hearing, 'stormy'. You may feel emotionally unbalanced. If you can resonate with these messages so far, I feel that you're involved in a third party situation, as I'm picking up the presence of another person. The person that you're involved with is weighing up their options - whether they should move forward with a new opportunity, or remain in a established partnership. I can see them going back and forth with this choice in their minds. I feel that you are aware of this occurrence on some level, and that you're trying to block out your pain. You may be unsure as to what to do, and want to remain in your fantasy for as long as possible, too. Maybe you don't want to start over romantically. Or, maybe you don't want to admit the truth of the matter to yourself, because then you would have to deal with the reality. If you can relate to these messages, there is a need to see this situation for what it is and to be strong. I sense that there is a better path waiting for you, but you need to have faith. This person isn't for your highest good. Don't do yourself a disservice, and remain in a situation that is hurtful and emotionally unfulfilling - you deserve better. Additionally, I feel that there is someone close around you, who is also urging you to see the truth - for some of you, they may be an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. If you continue to remain stuck, I feel that you will bring yourself more pain. Alternatively, if you choose to remove your metaphorical blindfold, accept things as they are, and move forward, then you are one step closer to finding the right relationship. Remember, only you have the power to release yourself from this painful episode.
💜SAGITTARIUS AESTHETIC!!💜 . . I kept it back one day soi could post it on the first day of this Season!! 💜♐️, Thank you for all your support over these last 4 months! Luv you all! ~Smol Sag! 🏹 . . -Tags- #mysign #purple #aesthetic #astrology #starsigns #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces