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[TLJ Countdown Challenge] TMP Week, Day 2: Fave Scene This one is a tough one as well. Although I love the scene where Anakin gives Padmé the Japor Snippet and I love Padmé fighting in the war on Naboo (and so many more scenes tbh), my favorite scenes are probably tied between the reveal of Padmé as Queen Amidala and Darth Maul's demise. Padmé's reveal is so epic to me. She waits until she feels it is absolutely vital to reveal her position and it is rather effective on a few accounts. I believe she gains a lot of respect from Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan here. Qui-Gon has seen her challenge him and Obi-Wan has seen her speak her mind and now it clicks in their heads how much of a mastermind she is. Anakin, too, is severely impressed (and like, she was already way cool in his book). The three of them see all of her planning and political balancing come to fruition and as soon as she's like "yeah, I'm a freaking boss and most of you didn't know the half of it", she immediately humbles herself yet again to the position of a servant, proving to them and the Gungans that she is truly loyal to all the people of Naboo. A true Queen. Darth Maul's demise was one of my favorite scenes as a kid. I loved Qui-Gon and I shared Obi-Wan's pain at the sight of his death. When Obi-Wan grabs Qui-Gon's lightsaber, flips over Maul and freaking slices him in half, it is amazing. Maul's body falls into two pieces and it is utterly haunting. Obi-Wan then rushes to Qui-Gon and holds him close in his last moments. He promises to take on Anakin as his Padawan, the fully setting this trilogy into motion. I also love the emotion Obi-Wan shows in this scene at the guilt of his failure resulting in the death of his master, his rage at Maul, acceptance and carrying on of Qui-Qui-Gon's legacy, and then pure sadness as he holds Qui-Gon close. Beautiful performances all around, helping set up the amazing character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. What's your favorite scene from The Phantom Menace? Tbh, this one was my favorite when I was a kid, so it was really hard for me to only talk about these scenes, haha 😊
Depois de muito "ensaiar" consegui assistir A Lista de Schindler, filme de 03:15 duração, mas valeu a pena! Baseado em um história Real, conta o grande feito de um alemão que no auge da guerra arrisca sua vida para salvar Judeus! . . . #SchindlersList é um filme norte-americano de 1993 sobre #OskarSchindler, um empresário alemão que salvou a vida de mais de mil judeus durante o #Holocausto ao empregá-los em sua fábrica. O filme foi dirigido por #StevenSpielberg e escrito por #StevenZaillian, baseado no romance #SchindlersArk escrito por #ThomasKeneally. É estrelado por #LiamNeeson como #Schindler, #BenKingsley como o Contador Judeu de Schindler #ItzhakSterne e #RalphFiennes como o Oficial da SS #AmonGöth. . . . . ... Oskar Schindler viu na mão de obra judia uma solução barata e viável para lucrar com negócios durante a guerra. Com sua forte influência dentro do partido nazista, foi fácil conseguir as autorizações e abrir uma fábrica. O que poderia parecer uma atitude de um homem não muito bondoso, transformou-se em um dos maiores casos de amor à vida da História, pois este alemão abdicou de toda sua fortuna para salvar a vida de mais de mil judeus em plena luta contra o extermínio alemão. .
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Where can I find Natasha's photos.? #natasharichardson #liamneeson #vanessaredgrave #joelyrichardson
EPI 25: Shrivelled Balls Makes It Fun...On this episode we catch each other up on our trips to New Orleans and Grenada. We also go over all the fuck shit that's been happening in the last couple of weeks; Harvey Weinstein, Gab Union's new book, Kobe Bryant, Terry Crews, dvsn's new album "Morning After" and another round of Fuck, Marry, Kill. Press play and enjoy! (LINK IN BIO) — The info for the people we shouted out: Brand that made our hats: @8V_collective (Twitter and IG) Podcast we mentioned: @torontodry (Twitter and IG) Designer of our new logo: @h_n_z (Twitter and IG) . . . #podcast #newpodcast #talkup #talkuppod #talkuppodcast #blackpodcast #podcastshow #podcastlife #podcastaddict #podcasthost #podcastsincolour #soundcloud #itunes #stitcher #googleplaymusic #podbean #harveyweinstein #gabunion #dwyanewade #richardsimmons #jarule #liamneeson #terrycrews #dvsn #morningafter #fuckmarrykill
The Grey, 2012, remains a genuinely gripping survival story and a refreshing change from stale urban action flicks. #thegrey #liamneeson #survivor #survival #movie #film #cinema #hollywood #winter #snow #worldcinema