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When you are picking a place to travel, what do you look for? Are you looking for party? Warm sunny beaches? Beautiful scenery? City Life? Adventure? I like to mix it up and do different trips throughout the year and often like to get multiple highlights with my trips. Comment below with what you look for!
Our interview with @runningfromwinter is now up on our blog. He lives in the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada. Link in profile. #adventurehaks #the30thyearplan #alberta
Where.You.Vibe 😎🙃 Yogi: @e.thereal.e Photo: @luminessencephoto 📷 #whereyouvibe
We almost didn't do this hike because someone told us not to. A local said that in bad weather it wouldn't be worth our time. He told us we'd be cold and miserable and we wouldn't want to be caught on that trail in the dark. For a few moments, we pondered his advice. Our gut instinct had always said, "you'll be fine, you can do this" until a stranger told us, "you can't do this, you'll be miserable, don't even try". And that didn't sit well with us. So we decided to go anyway. We hit the trail, knowing we could always turn back if we wanted to. But under the protective shade of evergreen, our bodies warming with every moving muscle and bit of hearty conversation, we never did want to. It was a simple, beautiful experience in the woods with my friend, and while I'd like to say it surprised me that someone told us he didn't think we could or should do it, it didn't. It's not the first time a well-intentioned person has told me not to take a trail for fear of my safety. And as an outdoorsy female it probably won't be the last. Instinct comes in a lot. For safety. For joy. For following what feels right. So listen, and even when voices tell you otherwise, try to tune into it. Because what beautiful experiences would we miss out on if we didn't?
We've been traveling for over a month straight, only stopping for rest long enough to get over our jet-lag. 7 Wonders of Oregon, Chaing Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, and now we've packed up Oswald for a Thanksgiving Roadie to Texas 💕 We sure are gonna get some great sleep after this! (For like 2 days... then back to the Desert 💀) • • • • #traveloregon #7wondersoforegon #smithrock #roadtrip #americanroadtrip #southwestroadtrip #americannomad #parklife #parkies #letswander #stayandwander #wanderlust #letsbeadventurers #travelgram #travellogue #travelmore #travelhappy #neverstopexploring #instapassport #coupleswhotravel #travelcouple #flashesofdelight #gameoftones #picoftheday #vscocam #gococo
Completing a scaffold board side table order today. Waxing is the tiring bit. But the finished look is worth it! I will have muscles like pop eye in no time 💪🏼
First snow at the cabin!
One petal away from perfection. Celebrate 30 Days of Octopus where each day Chef Tasos will create a unique Octopus featured dish to celebrate this signature seafood dish. #Atlantikos
Gobble til you wobble. Book your table today for our Thanksgiving feast at Temple Orange Mediterranean Bistro! #EauMoments
: The procession of autumn is leading away from my beloved homeland and winter’s whispers are filling the air as the chill rolls in. My heart is beginning to rest like the leaves upon the sidewalks. The foreboding that met me in past years during this transition has ceased and I have opened my heart to the stripping of December. I have learned that barrenness is a blessing, that within the cold lies truth, and that joy befits those who rest. New life only comes when you shed the old, warmth is found within the arms of Love when the world is freezing, and pain - when embraced in the absence of busyness - can be healed and turned into gladness. Don’t despise winter, my love. Within lack, we find the abundance of God’s presence. The cold chases us into the embrace of sonship. Slowing schedules make space for contemplation, dreaming, and being. Don’t be afraid - this is your becoming. Mercy will meet you here, in the desolation of the past and preparation for what is to come.
Who’s ready for the holidays? 🎊 let us know below! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #quebottle 📸: @dani_frisch
Sunday swinging. And we can't help thinking about this week's lineup at @paradiserockclub. You know where to find the link 👆 #VerbVibe