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Just admiring the intricacies of this sunflower on its growth journey. Every little line and pattern on every leaf is a miracle, like veins drawing nutrients in, and the central bud, a perfect, stunning little mandala. Perfect as it is, in this moment. And then in time this beauty will open up into a big dazzling yellow sunflower, radiating joy and happiness :) What a miracle! But even before it opens up into full bloom it is wondrously magical and beautiful. Nature offering another lovely lesson here for us.. that at every stage of our growth journey (life), we are perfect (imperfectly so) in this moment, and there is beauty in whoever we are and however we look, and feel right now. Happy Saturday x x x 🌻 🌻 #lessonsfromnature #littlemiracles #sunflower #selflove #life #growth #journey #beauty #mothernature #nurture #naturopath #wellness #moments #love #vegepatch #gardentime #newmoon
when I was little girl, a hummingbird made its nest on my front porch. A bold move on her part - the foot traffic alone could have easily destroyed her delicate nest. My mother said it was special - that she had chosen us. So I watched her for weeks, warming two oblong eggs until only one egg remained; the other found shattered on the ground. When the egg hatched my father explained to me that it would have to leave it’s nest. “How will it know how to fly?” I asked. “It just knows” he said. This didn’t make much sense to me until the day I came home from school to find the baby bird had climbed its way out of the nest. The mother was nowhere to be found. And before I could even blink an eye, it flew out into the sky, a flutter in the distance. And I just knew.
At the beginning of the year I was hit with the green thumb bug. I began growing tomatoes and somewhere along the line it shriveled and died. 🌱 Next on the list was avocados, seeing that it takes about 6 years to fruit, I thought why not start now. That didn't end as well either, let's say they never sprouted and I tried twice. Instead of giving up I decided to start small, get some experience and work my way up. 🌱 4-5 weeks ago I started growing tangerines. Watching them grow has been an amazing and huge learning process for me. 🌿 Here are some of the life lessons I learned: 1. Growth requires patience, patience I learned means waiting with a good attitude. AKA don't RUSH the process and be grateful, no matter how small. 🌿 2. Start now, the more time you have the more progress you can make. Remember the quote "a year from now you will wish you had started today. So why not start now knowing you will reap the fruits later. 🌿 3. Don't give up too easily even when you can't see the progress, it doesn't mean nothing is happen. Often times we are to quick to uproot our progress because it hasn't broken through the soil. 🌿 4. Trust - You can do all you know how to do consistently. Watering, placing your plant in good light and nourishing the soil but what happens after that isn't within your control. All you can do is TRUST that your actions will produce the results you desire. 🍊 Photo: @rachelaust #thinkingoutloud #cultivatewhatmatters #lessonsfromnature #thesimplethings
The beauty of my aged rose flower that was once white. I find its maturity and resilience captivating. It has a depth you won’t find in a fresh bloom. Its own kind of beautiful. :: :: :: #floralfriday #flowerstagram #mykindofbeautiful #mybeautifulisbeautiful #lessonsfromnature #oldisgold #pursuepretty #everydaystories #theeverydayproject #findthelesson #inspiredbynature
5th Wing🕊 <> What excites you to the core to start your day? An inspired creation you divinely desire to share with this world? An adventure you’ve longed to explore? Today my alarm woke me at 1:15am, my heart excited to chase the sunrise with a trek up Mount Batur. Funny, as I waited outside ‘til past 2:30 for my 2am pick-up, I was ready to face the reality of being forgotten and go back to bed, when a territorial dog came to stand in my way of turning back. To his aggressive barking and growling I stayed and waited longer. Then along came my ride. The dog disappeared. *Moral of the story: Follow that deep calling from inside. Take the steps. Then, trust. All is coming, and be ready to see angels in disguise to help clear your path of obstacles—including doubt, fear and other illusions. And, patience is key, my current work in progress😉 . If you feel the calling to practice the art of deep inner listening and allowing your Freedom to Flow, join us for our next Nature, Culture & Yoga Adventure Retreat in Costa Rica on June 20-27, 2018. Early Birds save $400 until Jan. 15. More info at: 🌈www.Root2RiseYoga.org/Costa-Rica . . . . #freedomtoflow #yogaadventure #costaricayogaretreat #hiking #travel #riselikethesun #sunrise #sunrisehike #healthylifestyle #yogalife #beherenow #puravida #patience #seeclearly #dancefreely #belove #heartwisdom #lessonsfromnature #naturelovers #natureislove #herecomesthesun #flow #yogaretreat #playoutside #natureismedicine
I drove out of the rain today and into a place where the road formed a clear boundary between two opposing weather fronts. To the left, sunshine and blue skies. To the right, dark stormy clouds. I was so taken by the contrast I pulled over to take a photo that doesn’t do it justice. However, it got me to thinking about emotions. We are usually so wrapped up in one emotion that we can’t even imagine another at the time. And yet, at some point there is a transition from mad to sad from happy to depressed from anxious to relieved. Emotions, like storm clouds, move quickly if we don’t hold onto them or block them entirely. I want to start noticing and celebrating the transitions. That’s where the juice is. #lessonsfromnature #messagesinthesky #mothernature #mamasignite #marthasvineyard #emotionsareenergyinmotion
Got some much needed #gardentherapy today and discovered some life among the dead! We have this hope! #creepingphlox #lessonsfromthegarden #fallinthesouth #lessonsfromnature #countdowntospring
Calmed by Her waters and strengthened by His light, i find healing for this weary heart. #peaceful #solitude #lessonsfromnature #motherearth #fathersun #eachdayisanewadventure #solobeachday
Love is always the answer and can often be found in the most unexpected places...amongst the dry cracked road this little heart shaped leaf found a new home❤️ #whereisyourlove #alwayslove #lovemakestheworldgoround #lessonsfromnature #messages #homeiswheretheheartis
You don’t even know, don’t even see the butterfly that you’re going to be, the butterfly you’re becoming. 🦋 - @cardiffcraig . . . . . #butterfly #monarch #monarchbutterfly #nature #wings #butterflies #lessonsfromnature #lyrics #naturelove
Change is all around you. Leaves, seasons, life. Best reminder to stay grounded and accept the change as it comes. Meet me on the mat tonight @greenjeansfarmery 6 pm #yogagivingback #yogalife #changes #fall #lessonsfromnature #yogaoffthemat #yoga #practiceandalliscoming #beauty #leaves #autumn #yogazoabq