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A lot of kief,what are u smoking?
The fear that comes over me when I inspect the destruction that has unfolded right before me
Thanking all those who choose to serve our great country, especially those who lost their lives protecting us and our freedom. And my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones. May everyone remember that this weekend isn't about partying. It's to pay respect to those who were brave enough to give their lives for a great cause. #thankyouforyourservice🇺🇸 #America #Bravery #ThankYou #Military #Navy #Airforce #Army #Respect #Love #LegalizeMarijuana #VeteransforCannabis #SpreadLove #HealingWithCannabis #CBD #HealingWithCbd
First the buy back. Australia had far less guns per person and people in their country did not live in a society that was brought up respecting The 2nd Amendment. The culture of Australia is very different than that of the culture of America when it comes to gun ownership and self defense. Because of this, the Australian government was able to buy back 631,000 guns at the estimated price of about $500,000,000.[1] You read that correctly, 500 MILLION. And even after all of that, it still did nothing to prevent violent crime and criminals in Australia still have access to illegal guns,[2] despite being an island country that isn’t bordered by other countries with high violent crime rates and rampant with illegal drug cartels. There are over 360,000,000 legally owned firearms in America. If we go by Australia’s numbers ($792.39 per gun), these guns would cost our government $285,261,489,698.89 to buy back. Almost 300 BILLION dollars, assuming that every gun owner voluntarily turns in their guns(which is a very slim to nothing chance)who’s going to pay for that? Anti-gunners? I think not. At this point I should also probably point out that Australia’s gun laws have not even reduced gun ownership in Australia. In fact, gun ownership in Australia is actually higher now.[3] People die Australia as a result of firearms violence at almost the same rate they did prior to the firearms act, and some sources state that more than a quarter million illicit firearms exist in Australia currently.[4] A study coauthored by Simon Chapman found declines in firearm‐related deaths before the law reforms accelerated after the reforms for total firearm deaths (p=0.04), firearm suicides (p=0.007) and firearm homicides (p=0.15), but not for the smallest category of unintentional firearm deaths, which increased[5] Sources in comments