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I don’t have to tell you, you know what makes you feel good! What you may not know is that you could be self-sabotaging by not making the space or time daily to consistently commit to doing what makes us feel whole. What does this look like? Using terms like; I’m too busy to do that so I won’t meditate today or I will just grab some food on the run or I will exercise double-time tomorrow . When we say ‘I don’t have time’ to ourselves what we are really saying is ‘That’s not a priority for me’. Truth bomb right there, and that can flow into all parts of your wellbeing. Call yourself out on the WHY you self-sabotage when you know what feels good. Get real with yourself. Pre-empt the excuses and counteract them with action. Self-sabotage is a nice way of saying, living through fear and we have two motivators in life LOVE or FEAR, what will you choose?­­­ . Thankyou to @hollie_azzopardi who reminded me of this today ✌🏼
I learned from a business colleague that it’s critical for some conversations to be had face to face. Now when major strategy calls take place I fly to the client at my own expense to ensure seamless communication. This extra step transformed my business in 2015. Here we are two years later and I’m over here boarding plans right after seniors and families with young kids. At times sitting in first class enjoying my free upgrade and getting starred at like 🤔 I wonder what SHE does😂. 🎉🎉🎉I’m super excited to now have MVP status with @alaskaair . #aseatatthetable #leanin #agencylife
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She's taking a meeting in the wilderness...like a boss! 💁🤷🙋 #leanin #bosslady #tcb #nature calls #light #forest #fam #friend #insta
the night is dark and full of terrors : a bringing a close to the day soliloquy from our intrepid explorer. 💰 . ✏ . 👒 #theothersideofthetracks #garbagethrone #alleynaps #leanin #spatialrecognition #trains #portage #slipslidingaway #kingofthepigeons #cargokid
I can't say it enough, love what you do and watch how easy success will be to achieve. Sometimes we are capable of doing so much, but it might not necessarily fulfill us. So don't be afraid to do "less" if it truly brings you joy and you love it. But don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone either!
I cannot be more thankful in this moment for the absolute love, support, and genuine vibes that everyone brought with them to my closing reception for CATALYST !! Thanks soooo much to the most amazing panelists/women who inspire me to keep pushing...was sooo wonderful sharing space and stories with you! @iamaceono @unfazedbeauty @her.work @oluwatoyinthembikoko Each of you had wisdom to share that I will be taking with me on this next journey 💖💕 Alssooooo a BIG thanks to @acreativedc! 📸 @pandaheadmorgan for being such a beautiful individual and sharing her space with me and the community! @damon.king for being a killer moderator and for supporting women in art and entrepreneurship! 😍🌹 Big love for my most favoritist DJ for like ever lol @djgeenamarie for always being supportive and blessing the room with the illest sounds ☺️😘😘 Lastly, big big shoutout to my mom for being the most influential woman boss I could ever emulate!! For always being vibrant and caring and for teaching me that love really does outweigh all else! 👩‍👦 ____________________________ Alsoooo please go vote for me to advance to Nationals for the @bombaysapphireus #artisanseries!! Link in bio! . . . #catalyst #streetetiquette #leanin #acreativedc #Afrovelvet #africa #iphonegraphy #lifestyle #art #blog #streetfashion #streetwear #content #creative #creator #makeportraits #makeportraitsnotwar #blavity #fashionaddict #igdc #DCITYstyle #womenswear #wmag #wmagazine #blackgirlmagic
I've been overwhelmed at the kindness of everyone's responses to me sharing my story... Thankyou for all of your beautiful words & messages. . It's such a scary thing to be vulnerable with the whole world & put yourself out there, but I've been thinking about it for some time. . My life's passion & message has come from my journey so I've actually felt compelled to share it. . I know that some may feel they have not gone through something 'big' like my story, & still others who have gone through much worse life situations... . My intention is not to compare our stories because one thing I have learnt is: pain is pain. . My intention is that my story will show you that it's possible to find hope on the other side of the storm; & that your life will not just return to "normal" but it will be transformed in a more meaningful & beautiful way 💕
I didn't even notice until I left the house that I was head to toe reppin' my company!! That's how much I love what I do!! I work a full-time job, I have 2 kids, I commute to and from work, I fight to manage my depression daily AND I still find time to do something that fuels my soul!! Don't get me wrong, I'm far from perfect. I'm not a perfect mom, I don't eat perfect, or workout every day. I'm horrible at time management. But the beauty of what we do as coaches is that we can work our businesses at OUR pace. I don't have anyone telling me I HAVE to show up 9-5 or take do this or do that. I DECIDE!! My goal is to quit my full-time job and stay home with my kids. That might not be YOUR goal though, and that's totally ok!! I absolutely love helping women gain self confidence, whether it's through losing weight or personal, or, usually through both!! It makes heart happy and fuels my fire!! Have you watched me over the last year and a half, and wondered if you could do this too? I can tell you, if you're curious, just do it!! Lean in and go for it, at your pace, for whatever your goal is!! I will help you every step of the way!! Who's ready? #iamteambeachbody #lovewhatido #bigdreams #focus #coacheschangelives #coachingopportunity #momboss #bossmom #fitmom #fitlife #fitfam #believeandachieve #believeandachievenation #justdoit #leanin #reachyourgoals #joinmyteam #teamwork #helpingothers #positivevibes #wearandshare #shakeology #teambeachbody #reppin
Flipping excited for another fresh week 🙌🏽 just finished a super fun [+sweaty as per] shoot with @esthertaypictures around all the best spots of SG and got so many exciting meetings, workouts + writing lined up for the week ✨ Leaping into it all 🙏🏽 #mondayfunday
👀🔷|| #burano #blue #color #house #design #tower #leanin #islandlife #italy (back from the trip, working hard on corporate compliance training..)
After an amazing week of wedding celebrations for Jake and Nina, I'm homeward bound! . . I'm also working hard to not be the freak job jumping up and down in the airport because I'm SO excited about all the successes of the ladies who've been in my challenge group the last 4 weeks! . . Seriously, this stuff gives me happy tears and is the reason I LOVE this coaching side gig! It's all about seeing ladies amaze themselves! . We're celebrating: . 👊🏽Fitting into special dress for anniversary celebrations 👊🏽Feeling confident 👊🏽Better nutrition 👊🏽Losing inches 👊🏽Getting a lot stronger 👊🏽Seeing the impact of better conditioning 👊🏽Recognizing patterns/challenges of relationship with food and exercise 👊🏽Celebrating making it thru the 28 day challenge despite crazy mom life 👊🏽Reducing stress and eating well made crazy mom life feel more manageable 👊🏽Feeling confident and strong in a pretty dress at a special celebration . . What successes could WE be celebrating together after 4 weeks of hard work, accountability, and a coach who believes in you? . . I have 4 spots left in my next group beginning 10/2. Message me or drop a note below to save your spot! . . #lovebig #givebig #reallifeinabigfamily #socialworkersrock #lifeisanadventure #victimadvocate #leanin #dateyourspouse #fitmama #fitteratforty #coffeeismybff #traumainformed #transracialadoption #dohardthings #wecandohardthings #mamaofmany #bigfamiliesrock #nojusticenopeace #traumasocialwork #forthelove #spicyfamily #spunkymama #takethenextrightstep #leadwell #leadwithgrace #courageandheart #shepersisted #fightforgoodhealth #healingfitfoundation
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