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They say the Most Unexpected Things are usually the best . Lmao , like how a conversation about “Salad” with a stranger on snap showed me I ain’t as devoted to This lifestyle as I thought lol. It’s Crazy How all the ideas of what you think a women should be actually exist lol... shit tripped me out . Since day one she just been so far Ahead of everyone else I was talking too. I left bitches to go see her . How real it was 😂💯... Shawty shows me how a real woman is supposed to be . She deals with my Petty Overly Goofy ass behavior while also taking care of ya boi... She deals with my Expensive ass Car Habit... shit I can’t cook , Iron , & plenty of other things but I know shawty got always got me if she got it ... What I love most though is our bond . I done sent her games out the blue saying “lose , drop a nude” . ANYBODY else woulda said no. She went with the flow & lost twice 😂😂... #NotBragging , or how I can simply ask for something and she does it ... or the lil shit she surprises me with everyday ... Or How She DOESN’T give up. We can argue and just like I do her , She’ll BLOW my fucking phone up. I mean until the point of it freezing up 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️... I had to block her the other night 😂... She jealous af but at least I know she cares ... & I love how clingy she is ... it’s like it’s just us and not the world like most relationships are now a Days . Friends come first blah blah blah... long story short , your very appreciated... Goodnight My Love , Sleep Tight beautiful ❤️💯😴😴 #BabyGirl #Latina #MyShawty #Crazy #latinasdoitbest #BigHead #GirlfriendMaterial