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gn everyone 💗 @charlesgitnick I lov u so much
His eyes 😽💖 @charlesgitnick ( He liked!! x2 ❤️ )
Good Night. See Ya Tomorrow✨ @jacobsartorius #leftmehangintour #lasttextworldtour
HE IS SO CUTE @joeybirlem I C A N 'T B R E A T H E
™ also today was picture day at my school and i probably looked like a rat AND people are asking people out for homecoming but in my school they call it fourthcomkng since no seniors have graduated and been able to come back which next year will be homecoming because this year we have seniors. BUT EVERYONE IS ASKING PEOPLE OUT AND IM SO SINGLE RN AND LIKE IM DEPRESSED KSKSK please tag @jacobsartorius & @jacobsartourius for a spam!! #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #leftmehangintour #lasttextworldtour #texasneedsjacob #jacobfacts
™ today i tried this sugar cookie from this place called java city & boy i have never been more shook. THAT COOKIE WAS SUCH A BLESSING & WAS SO GOOD I CRIED. please tag @jacobsartorius & @jacobsartourius for a spam!! #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #lasttextworldtour #leftmehangintour #texasneedsjacob #jacobfacts