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You can’t give yourself a jump start. To start anything, you have to ask for help. You can’t do it alone. Other people accelerate your pace and help you build ideas. Thankful for my pre workout and my accountability group this morning. Without them early workouts wouldn’t be possible. You don’t have to do it alone. Support is critical for success in everything that you do. Let us be your support. Join in with this incredible group of people ready to SLAY 2018! Gimme a 💯if you’re in!
Not the healthiest lunch today but doesn't happen very often 😂 Follow Us: @justlovelabrador ============================== 📷 @karzysview
Day 3 “I got tagged in the by my friend @boogeyvin No explanation. No people. I would like to challenge my friend @neo_the_one_lab to play too!!” 😃🐾❤️ Follow Us: @labradorpreto ============================== 📷 @sophie_theyellowlab @boogeyvin @neo_the_one_lab
January 12, 2014 is the day I took my very first step towards putting myself and my health first. It wasn’t a New Years resolution... it wasn’t even a Monday. Just a truly average day when my life changed forever. 🙏 . Is today your January 12th?
심심한 졸리, 고구마라도 먹으면 기분이 좋을텐데... 고구마를 빼앗겨서 기분이 별로인 졸리.. Follow Us: @justlabradorfan ============================== 📷 @iam_armong
I think I take a new picture of Abby looking cute almost every day..... Good lord, what am I going to be when this child comes? 😂😂😂 #forevermybaby #labradorlife #labradormom #dogsofinstagram
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We all have struggles in life, the key is to stand back up and keep moving forward! I have definitely been struggling lately myself. Having pain for really an unknown reason stinks. But through an awful lot of tears and frustration, prayer has helped me realize there is always someone in a worse position than I. It has been quite a rollercoaster ride but I am hoping I am about to the top of that hill and can soon start the downhill ride. Gotta keep moving forward! It is certainly a whole lot easier to be the Nurse vs the patient. #painsucks #numbness #tingling #pinchednerve #nurselife #nursevspatient #icantfeelmyarm #iamweakbutHeisstrong #thankful #grateful #blessed #pettherapy #bulldogmom #labradormom
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Just a little bit excited about the snow, @floortje_the_lab ? ❄🐾❄ 😍😍 ▪️📲DM for promotions /business Follow @bestoflabradors for more photos #labrador_ #labradora #labradormix #labradorchocolate #labradors_ #labradoriya #labradormom #labradornero #labradorblack #labradorlovers #labradorofinstagram #labradorhusky #labradorwelpe
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The best part of my day it’s to see my girls ❤️ #huskymom #labradormom #ilovemybabies
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2017 yılının son eğitiminde buluşalım isteriz. Yeni yılı çocuğunuzun yepyeni bir deneyim ile karşılamasını istemez misiniz? Gelin başka hiç bir kursta, eğitimde yaşamadığı kadar farklı bir deneyim ile tanıştırın onu🐾 🐶 🐾 🐶 Bu eğitim programının çocuklarımıza yararı: • Empati yaparak ve ön yargısız bakış ile iletişim becerisi • Özgüven artışı • Her durumda sakin kalma ve hızlı muhakeme yeteneğiyle kaosa düşmeden kriz yönetme • Okul başarılarında artış ve sınav stresinde azalma • Aile, arkadaş çevresi vb. daha sosyal ve uyumlu olma http://www.dogandnature.com/kopek-egitmenle-cocuk-liderler İletişim : 541 459 9646 - 532 303 7077 Follow Us: @labradoriya ============================== 📷 @dogandnature
Either you run the day or the day runs you! Every day you have a fresh start, so embrace today, even if it is Monday and slay the day!
как вы думаете, что это?👀 Follow Us: @justloveretriever ============================== 📷 @_lilu_labradorka_
Refilling my cup today and getting ready for the busy week ahead by enjoying a relaxing afternoon listening to Christmas music, enjoying our beautiful tree and the company of my favorite girl ❤️🎄🐾
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Winning today. . Found this shirt for only $9 at Academy, AND it's a size small. Pretty much nothing in my wardrobe is a small so I'm super pumped. . Feeling PROUD of my hard work. 👏
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Fred 💬Fui pego no flagra , a mamãe já estava brigando com a Manu, quando ela abriu a porta e viu que era eu q estava comendo a revista do papai. 😅 Brasil Follow Us: @labradorongram ============================== 📷 @manuefredinho
Mi mancherete tanto manzetti.. ma so di aver scelto splendide famiglie che si prenderanno cura di voi e vi ameranno come ho fatto io 🐶❤️ Buona vita cuccioli ✨ Follow Us: @labradordailystyle ============================== 📷 @alicedamico_
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Hoy el día está para esto y poco más 🐾🐶😴💤💤 ate Follow Us: @labradorpreto ============================== 📷 @chocolatebimba
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Still miss him - such an awesome chilled and funny dog - our boy Harley @mjpilks . .😥. . . . Follow Us: @labrador_feature ============================== 📷 @jude_0970 @mjpilks
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When your PAWrents are coming home tomorrow. HAPPY KSUBI😍🐶😀 #ksubithelab #smiles #talesofalab