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sadie nicole morgan;; 21 years old. boy & girl kisser. single. horny or hungry. always sleepy or hungry. criminal minds, the office & friends. shortie. clingy & jealous. comment for a tbh & dop.
BIG MOOD. #openrp
ALEXSANTHERI. eighteen. greek. sleepy babydoll. christian's. camboy. grew up in a religious household. lives by himself. cries easily. very insecure. sub. boy 'n girl kisser. poly. wants everyone to be happy. sad. isn't fond of talking about himself. wants some friends, dm me.
Well goodmorning
// salma. 🌱 8teen. cares too much. fragile heart. loyal af. loves w all her heart. extremely jealous. sad lil human. heartbroken. trust issues. lives for cuddles nd sunsets. will do anything to make u happy. hit her up for a lit ass friendship u wont regret it kiddo // spam the comments for a tbh.💡