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Jangan ganggu aku tidur... #kucingtidur #kucingtidursiang
Haiii kenalin nih, si kecil ini adalah adik Jojo, namanya Jeje 😻 Jojo sayaaang sama Jeje. Oiyaa Jojo punya saudara juga loh namanya Boy, kapan-kapan Jojo kasih lihat fotonya deh hihihi
Dimana ada kardus pasti ada miki 😂😂😂 Aneh padahal udah di beliin tempat tidur empuk tetep aja suka tidur di kardus 😂 Kasihan ya miki jagain es krim ampe ketiduran 😂😂😂 bandung dingin banget kalau sore ya hujan 😂 jadi gak ada yang beli es krim ke miki 😂😂😂 #mymiki #mikiku #mylove #mylife #mycatsmybestfriend #mycatsmylife #cutecats #catsofintagram #catsoftheworld #catsoftheweek #catsoftheday #cats #indonesiancats #kucingku #lucu #gemes #gemes #arenakucingindonesia #arenakucing #kucingkesayangan #kucingtidur #catssleepanywhere #catssleeping #catssleepinginawkwardpositions
Parking lot kitty taking a nap. I really do love observing this cat. Sat at the nearby bench for 10 minutes just looking at it. I don't dare pat it though; it is still flight-y. But the marking on its face is just so amusing. Also, I am certain that it is my face and not my clothing that protects me from the gaze of Malay men. After all, amoi cina pakai skirt pendek gitu, tak heran lah. Tak yah tengok. Whereas when it is a hijabi girl, sometimes I would hear them say, "eh awek tu pakai baju longgar. Mesti ***** dia besar gila kan?" And the uncomfortable staring ensues. That's why I am quite silent outside. Macam bisu. Because I just don't know how to talk like a Chinese. Bukak mulut, terus kantoi Melayu. And the uncomfortable looks, regardless what I am wearing, regardless how decent, ensues. Also, it is more likely they suspect I am actually Malay when I dress "decently". I just don't get it. The Quran tells men to lower their gaze first, and yet they do the exact opposite. And the weird thing is, for me, it is the skimpy outfit that ensures that they lower their gaze and leave me well alone. So annoying. Though I pretty much just wear what I want for the day. No one should be forced to wear what they want by anyone. Still, you would want to be comfortable in what you wear, right? And really, no one is wearing anything for others. Unless in a relationship, and you have told me something about some piece of clothing I own; then I would wear it for the person. But not "specially" for that person; I must have owned it before hand, or it is something I would get for myself in the first place. Which I did. #kucingtidur #kucing #cat #kitty #kitteh #neko #gatto #oklasomewhatgebu