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This Clementine THcA Live Resin Sugar is F'n Incredible 😱 Call this a triple threat cuz the Taste, Aesthetics, & Effects are out of this world 🌎 This is a must grab for everyone 😁 It's really citrusy w/o being tangie dominant 🍋 Its a perfect blend 🍊 My buddy said "It Tastes like an Orange Creamsicle" 💦 This is definitely everyday smoke 💨Amazing effects on this to where it keeps you Medicated while on the go 📸 @goldnuggetextracts @dna_genetics
Good night ig🌐🔥
The day I made the GOD blunt. 😅I can't believe I still have the video. #tbt
Awak macam pokok pisang punya jantung . tapi tk punya hati 😔😃 #minatorangmuda #jiwamuda #herosunday_official #peminat125zr #kronic