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Less than a week til I'm back in the freshest town with the freshest doggo #kootenaybound
Those places on the road that I love to stop at every time just cause....🙏🏼🌶✨
Will miss the walks home from work complete with ocean view 🌊 #changinglandscapes #seascape to #mountainscape #kootenaybound
We are hitting the road for a full week of camping ⛺️ this Sunday- and I CAN NOT WAIT. Seriously. My husband and I are counting down the sleeps till we hit the open road and explore this magical province we live in. #kootenaybound #supernaturalbc #livinginbeauty #pembylife #livingyoga #birkenheadlake #livinginbeauty
Nelson! Guess who's back, back again? The twins are back, for the weekend! #nelson #nelsonbc #kootenays #kootenaybound #twins #twinstagram #twinsofinstagram #shadysback #eminem #roadtrip #roadtrippin
Later, babe... We're off to start a travellin band of fliends #roadtrip #fliendship #smokeshow #kootenaybound
This smiley fellow's portrait was given as a surprise birthday gift from wife to husband yesterday ❤. "Hunter" in acrylic on a 10"x12" canvas with background detail upgrade.
Freshly picked! What's growing in your garden this summer??
Day date! I keep oogaling over these cruiser bikes everytime I take our daughter to the splash Park at Gyro. When my mom offered to take Raine today I jumped on the opportunity to make a day date out of it with my hubby @lut17 . I'm not going to lie, he was hesitant at first and kept joking how we would be able to just buy the bikes for keeps once we were done for the day. We rented them for 2 hours, cruised down to Sunningdale, over the bridge, checked out the market, cruised around town, went over the new walking bridge and back and all for $20 for the two of us! It was soo much fun! Both Lucas and I had an amazing time and can definitely say it was money well spent...(as usual my darling husband has been completely misguided in the actual cost of a cruiser bike). I can't wait to get back out and do it again. Thank you @gerickcycletrail for providing the bikes! Side note, wouldn't this make the best engagement session?!
Last night's bounty. Thank you @hayleethompson for taking this newbie on a huckleberry adventure!
Galena bay ferry. #beautifulbc #kootenaybound
Before I had kids and even when I was pregnant, I used to say how I would never have my children on a schedule. I would live my life just like I had been doing for the last 28 years, no kid was going to change that!...Then Raine came, I quickly found myself falling into a routine and getting anxiety if we deviated from it. I mean sure, I can bend bed time, or nap time...maybe...if I have to. Having a schedule works for us and it keeps little Raine happy and well rested..for the most part. It also means, everyday is almost like the last with some slight variations. If we are leaving the house it is almost always in the morning and the afternoon will vary from indoor to outdoor play, depending on the day. Regardless of the routine, life happens and these perfect little moments arise through the day. Even though life isn't how I pictured it before having a baby, I can't help but be happy and grateful for the life I am living and the people I'm sharing it with.